IAFF: Mission Impossible

A Million Little Pieces

IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger, by failing to either stand up to Donald Trump or defend his own members, has severely weakened the IAFF.

For an international union to be on the wrong side of a presidential election is always problematic.

Schaitberger has taken that problem to a whole new level.

He has sat comfortably swilling wine and gorging on steak at the Prime Rib as Donald Trump and his fervent supporters have variously shamed a Gold Star family, made lewd remarks about women, and attacked those with disabilities.

They hate labor and love right-to-work, too.

In fact, Trumpsters are aggressively attacking American Muslims and Jews, proving that there intolerance is pervasive and especially ignorant.

By his silence, Schaitberger has broken the IAFF into a million little pieces.

Who is the IAFF?

If Schaitberger’s conduct is any clue, the answer is that the IAFF is now made up of Old White Guys who have zero commitment to either a diverse union or the future.

The failure to vocally protest Trump’s treatment of Veterans and their families proves that all the showy patriotism on display at the IAFF convention and other events is just plain bullshit.

After all, real leaders move beyond sputtering empty words.

Schaitberger’s silence on Trump’s groping comments means he can be no advocate for women’s rights in the fire station or our union.

You can’t both be a leader and be quiet when our dignity is at stake.

Of course, Schaitberger has a substantially new board and it is especially disheartening to see them fall in to the Old White Guy club, too.

Silence equals consent.

Twenty Days and 92%

With but twenty days to go, Clinton has a 92% chance of succeeding.

Schaitberger has no plan for what to do if she does win as he both betrayed and insulted her last summer when he left her high and dry.

That may be politics but so is not having a place at the table afterwards.

Truth be told, we don’t deserve a place at the table.

We can wait patiently outside the White House gate to beseech real AFL-CIO Clinton supporting union leaders when they leave their meetings to see if they will drop us a crumb or two.

Perhaps they will even put in a good word for us.

The same will be true in Congress, too, as members have watched how we stayed on the sidelines when the future of America and our union is truly in play.


Our Dear Leader

Our Dear Leader

Schaitberger was always risk-averse, protecting his own deal, first and foremost.

He has relentlessly wined and dined his cronies while tossing the occasional bone to keep them curled at his feet.

Now, when it matters most, the verdict is in.

He is a spent force who lacks the conviction to even stand up for us, much less to champion our causes.








  • David Anders says:


    With your twisted efforts to make the IAFF GP look bad you hurt the organization, its members and our profession.

    I know you are going to say I am just trying to suck up to the GP. But, remember, I am retired and never see Harold, I never talk to him, nor, see or speak with our DVP. I pay full dues (not half dues) because I believe the organization continues to help firefighters, EMS and retirees and I want to practice what I preach. If you care about IAFF members, this is the least anyone can do.

    Is anyone on our Executive Board perfect? Of course not, but neither am I. At this point in life, I cannot contribute much and I do not want to say anything to cause a member to stumble.

    Yes, call me an old white guy any time but I do not want to be carless with my words. IAFF members do not have to prove we are not anti-Jew or anti-Muslim nor does our GP have to announce this from a political platform. As you very well know, some of our members are Jews and Muslims and our fire stations are in these neighborhoods. If any of our citizens are in danger, our members prove their dedications even to the sacrifice of their life if needed.

    Women’s rights and equal treatment for all IAFF members regardless of race or religion have always been on the front burner with the IAFF and you insinuation that it is not is just wrong.

    By the way, I hope you plan to vote for Hillary.

  • Eric Lamar says:


    Silence equals consent and agreement.

    Trumpeting about flags and patriotism and then failing to defend our veterans is scandalous.

    True union leaders have spoken up loud and long.

    You cheapen and weaken our union by defending a coward.

    Eric Lamar

  • Joe blow says:

    Maybe Harold actually listened to his members. He is supposed to represent them, isn’t he? Or do you believe union leasers “know better”.
    Hey Erice, how many cars with Hillary bumper stickers have you seen parked outside a firehouse?
    I think even you have to admit that most fireMEN are Trump supporters.

    • Eric Lamar says:

      I could give two shits who he supports but he flaked out on defending our union and its members from a racist, sexist, bigot who shamed a Gold Star Family and a POW.

      F**king worthless.


  • Mike Mohler says:

    Joe Blow, if that is your name, you have definitely qualified yourself and maybe your associates. fireMEN is an apt label for you and those like you. Personally, I would prefer our dear leader act like a leader and when things get tough “do the right thing”, something he appears to be incapable of.

  • IslaFire says:

    The lack of an endorsement for POTUS is truly embarrassing and may forebode a difficult time when HRC is elected.

    The excuses I heard behind the scenes at Convention were silly and lacked substantive leadership. Our International, our State Associations, our Locals, all endorse candidates that are sometimes distasteful to the membership. It happens all the time.

    One of the silliest excuses I heard in Vegas was that organization efforts in the mid-Atlantic states would be hampered if the IAFF endorsed HRC and the FFs there would not sign their union cards. Understand that this organization effort is in states that cannot bargain collectively because it is prohibited under state law.

    What should have happened was this. Our International endorses HRC. Our International then encourages and assists Locals in non-collective bargaining states to elect down ballot candidates that favor CB. It takes big league leadership and persuasion but it can work.

    Instead of pontificating from the dais that both candidates “cannot seem to tell the truth,” HAS could have used his pulpit to convince our members why the IAFF is endorsing HRC. He didn’t. He fed fodder into the machine.

    The words of HAS were not those of a labor leader.

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