USS Weiner

Director Comey

Director Comey

FBI Director Richard Comey fired a shipboard cruise missile yesterday.

Mrs. Clinton, whom I strongly support, says Comey’s decision to launch is “deeply troubling.”

There is a lot of that (deeply troubling) to go around, especially where Mrs. Huma Abedin and her train wreck spouse are concerned.

If Mrs. Clinton was going to make Mrs. Abedin a key part of her campaign, a bit of due diligence was surely in order.

It would take about .5 nanoseconds to discern that Anthony Weiner was a loose cannon on the Clinton ship of state.

Still, Mrs. Clinton retained Mrs. Abedin even as Weiner became a stunning embarrassment and a serious liability.

Now, that’s a “troubling” decision.

I wish there was an email between Clinton and Podesta lamenting the absurdity of Anthony Weiner and the need to distance the campaign from his behavior.

Comey’s decision is troublesome chiefly because his letter fails to be substantive in any way.

To return to the ship analogy, it’s a lone flare spotted in the night with no evidence of actual distress.

Was Comey operating on the theory of when in doubt disclose?

Perhaps he senses that the voters will give the letter the merit it deserves.

Mrs. Clinton wants to be judged on her whole career, not just one or two mistakes.

If so, she must also judge Comey on the same terms.

She must recall Comey’s effort to subvert action which he believed violated the Constitution at the peril of his career when he worked for W.

Comey may not be right here but there can be little doubt he is trying to do the right thing.

“Doing the right thing”, such a rare occurrence.


  • Victoria Huckenpahler says:

    I feel that Comey is caught between a rock and a hard place, and I feel for him. But I believe he made the least bad decision (as many of us will have to do at the polls in a few days), given that there are no secrets any more, and the discovery of these e-mails would sooner or later get out. If the clatter is bad now that he has reopened the case, imagine what it would be if this were discovered at a later date and he had done nothing! Regarding Weenie, the fact that Hillary didn’t rid herself of him is yet another troubling example of her poor judgement. I’m not saying I’m pro-Trump, but I do find everything about this election horrifying, when not morbidly fascinating. Neither side has been ennobled by this charade.

  • Mike Mohler says:

    Victoria, I couldn’t agree with you more; FBI Director Comey exercised his best option, transparency. I truly appreciate the Director’s independence. He was handed a bad hand due to lapses in judgement by Hillary, Bill and Loretta. Like Eric, I’m a strong supporter of Hillary, though Bernie was my first choice. Let’s hope when she wins that Senators Sanders and Warren will continue their promised political revolution, maintaining the pressure on the Clinton administration and rendering the Democratic Party establishment impotent. The next three Supreme Court appointments are too important to leave to a trump Administration.

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