Now, That’s a Veteran

Sergeant Bill Mohr

Out touring with high school seniors from Kansas yesterday on a crisp and glorious Fall afternoon, we walked from the White House down to the World War II Memorial with the Washington Monument beginning to glow in the setting sun.


Down at the Memorial I spied a Veteran in a wheelchair, blanketed up against the chill, chatting away merrily with some young ladies.

His tag said “108”, perhaps a proud indication of the unit he served with, I thought.

That assumption turned out to be incorrect.

108 is his age.

Sergeant Bill Mohr

Sergeant Bill Mohr

Sergeant Bill Mohr served in the North African Campaign in 1942 and was wounded in combat.

Today, he is the second oldest surviving WWII veteran and was, by all accounts, taking our city by storm.

This morning he had breakfast with President Obama, a fitting tribute for an inspiring hero.

His secret to a long life?

Wake up with a smile, if you can.


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  • Victoria Huckenpahler says:

    That’s wonderful and inspiring. I bet those gals were gaga over him….and he over them! How nice that he has beaten the odds.

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