IslaFire: IAFF Legislative Conference Imagined

IslaFire wrote:

“Leg Con should be REAL interesting next year. I would love to see the Board emails being bandied back and forth. I’m pretty sure there are plenty of oh shits, what do we do now?

“Down Ballot”, They Cried

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It’s doubtful that there are many emails being bandied.  Historically the IAFF board keeps their head in the sand once Dear Leader gains control of them through threats or inducements.

In any event, where political rationale is concerned, the only cookie in the IAFF jar, and a very stale one at that, is the idea that congressional candidates were supported while the top job was ignored.

We call that “down ballot” support though in the case of the IAFF it can also mean this political ship is going down.

The down ballot argument wouldn’t pass muster with a sophomore government class.

Even they would know that the composition of Congress, aka, who won and who lost, was determined by the top of the ticket, a fact that will surely dog us for four years, at least.

Schaitberger/IAFF inaction got us a Republican trifecta slewing to the ultra-hard right and ready to gut working families faster than a Fulton Market fish cleaner.

Our Dear Leader

Our Dear Leader

The IAFF Legislative Conference is first and foremost a lovefest where Congressional members show up and tell attendees how great the IAFF political machine is and how Our Dear Leader, Harold Schaitberger, is the town’s Top Dog.

Will they be able to do it with a straight face?

Come to think of it, who can the IAFF invite that would even give it a try?

They can round-up some freshman rookies who are sure to have a battle for re-election; they’ll do anything to increase their chances of winning again.

Perhaps Rudy Giuliani, Trump surrogate and confidante, can appear and reminisce about the time in 2001 that he had Kevin Gallagher and Pete Gorman arrested at Ground Zero as they fought for a dignified recovery of dead firefighters.



Schaitberger, having personally fired Gorman, could bond with Rudy on stage about their shared experience of screwing over a thoroughly honorable labor leader and firefighter.

Another idea is to come up with some bullshit award for Uncle Joe Biden and see if he will make an appearance.

How about the IAFF Biden Lifetime Leader Award?

I’m thinking absolutely.

And, Charlie Cook, political wizard and pundit, should get a prime time slot explaining in detail just how totally f**ked we are for the next four years.

My advice is stay away from MSNBC’s Chris Matthews.

Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews

He can’t remember Schaitberger’s first name and he does, as they say, play Hardball while the IAFF only plays softball, and slow pitch at that.

The last thing Our Dear Leader needs is a caffeinated Matthews telling it like it is, or god forbid, asking questions.

After all, that’s the question:  who will tell it like it isn’t?

Maybe, as it will be close to Easter, they can have an Easter Egg Hunt where the egg is a moderate pro-labor Republican.

Good luck finding that egg.

Yep, the basket is full of rotten eggs and Leg Con is a real stinker for people who can see behind that faded green curtain as Our Dear Leader frantically works the levers of power.









  • David Anders says:

    I have noticed that the GP does not dignify your blog by commenting on the trash you spew out. You obviously mistake his silences as a weakness and this make you feel big and powerful. The GP has chosen the high road of not fighting you back and dragging the Organization into the mire. After all, he has an International organization to run and your remarks largely fall on deaf ears. You have chosen the low road by constantly hurling at him politically motivated insults. IAFF members do not venerate you……they really need to feel sorry for you. You are a lost cause.

  • IslaFire says:

    Mr Anders, there are plenty of IAFF members that question the GP’s decision making. The problem is, and I know it first hand, that one will be cast out and chastised for opposing anything HAS or his minions for opposing. That is Eric’s ultimate point.

    I have seen duly elected local, state, and international officials experience the wrath of HAS and his bootlickers.

    If you question anything, you will be made the fool. We all saw it first hand at the recent Convention. Committee chairs were able to pontificate from the dais while rallying around a Trustee candidate and against a resolution. The next day HAS made a half-assed apology about not following established rules of order but it was too late. You can’t put the cat bag in the bag. No doubt he knew what he was doing. It was all scripted and carried out by HAS’s personal valets that were, as Eric says, protecting their own.

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