Trump, Bannon and Schaitberger

Coming Home to Roost



Stephen Bannon, Donald Trump’s pick for Senior White House strategist, despises the IAFF generally and Our Dear Leader, specifically.

Several years ago, his Breitbart News published a scathing series detailing Schaitberger’s choice to lead the IAFF’s Pension Operation, saying, in part, “Fire fighters’ union General President Harold Schaitberger flaunted his power by putting [Ron] Saathoff on the international union’s payroll and in-charge of the IAFF’s new Pension Department.”


It exposes [Ron] Saathoff’s abuse of his position and taxpayers to reap a special taxpayer-funded retirement increase in an apparent exchange for his vote sanctioning the city employees’ pension to become increasingly underfunded.”

Breitbart News used Schaitberger’s sewer-based sense of ethics to smear the IAFF.

It’s a sad day for the IAFF when the likes of Bannon are calibrating our moral compass.

It’s about to get much sadder.

Bannon will sit in the West Wing and have the ear of Donald Trump.

Tefere Gebre, executive vice president of the AFL-CIO, said in Politico, “I myself am scared that someone called Steve Bannon will be steps away from the president.”

Schaitberger’s cowardly decision to sit-out the election has put his nemesis at the very center of power.

Our Dear Leader

Our Dear Leader

It seems clear from reading the multi-part Breitbart/Schaitberger series that someone from within the IAFF provided specific details and information to Bannon’s team.

Whoever it was used a far-right “news source” to out the IAFF’s complete lack of ethics.

They were, in effect, doing the job the executive board should have been doing, that is overseeing key decisions to ensure integrity and ethical rightness.

The IAFF board’s failure to act like one set in motion a series of events leading to a circumstance where a very powerful enemy, Stephen Bannon, controls our legislative future as he sits mere steps from the president-elect.

How much easier it would have been if the board and other senior leaders had simply exercised their responsibility to actually engage in governing the IAFF.

Quickly enough, Schaitberger will pivot to make Trump and his team public enemy number one because he needs us to forget the role he personally played in getting us to where we are today, a role that now stretches back many years.

Bannon and his ilk are our future; we can thank Our Dear Leader and the do-nothing board for that.





  • David Anders says:

    Eric, you forget the most basic principle of politics. “Politics make strange bedfellows”. I would never count the IAFF as a helpless organization in the political arena.

  • Eric Lamar says:

    And you forgot (completely) about ethics.

  • David Anders says:

    You are trying so desperately to make Schaitberger the bad guy, you would not know what “Ethics” looked like it it hit you between the eyes. Get off your high horse and stop attacking the ability of the leader of the organization that is working to protect it’s members.

  • Star witness says:

    David it is obvious you don’t really know your IAFF president. You only know what he wants you to know.

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