Christmas Crisis

Lives Wrecked


The Guardian reports that the prestigious medical journal Lancet Psychiatry has published an article detailing the potential harm associated with gaming the wee ones over Old Saint Nick.

It’s about the moral compass, you see.

They say, “lying to children, even about something fun and frivolous, could undermine their trust in their parents and leave them open to “abject disappointment” when they eventually discover that magic is not real.”

What?  Magic is not real?

It’s unclear whether or not singing about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer also acts to deepen the life-long trauma.

It is evident, however, that having a fake tree in the house effectively amounts to abuse as kids would be traumatized as they eventually discover, to their horror, that trees can be real.

Easter Bunny


Though the article emphasizes the moral dangers of endorsing a gift-bearing, bearded, flying-sled pilot, it is equally true that their hypothesis makes the Easter Bunny one bad egg.

What mayhem will result when the kiddies discover that behind every rock is not a colored egg or, for that matter, that eggs aren’t even colored to begin with?

It could be devastating, no doubt about it.



It is apparently perfectly acceptable to choose the religious deity of one’s choice and to infuse the little ones with all manner of myths and miracles about them, making the notion of Santa Claus or a rabbit hiding eggs perfectly rationale in comparison.

Human life, from one end to the other, is littered with myths which allow us to negotiate it as best we can.

Taking Santa away from kids under the guise of teaching “truth” is both a crime and punishment.

Merry Christmas!



  • Victoria Huckenpahler says:

    I say to all those folks who run scared at Santa: Get over it, cupcakes!

  • Joe Blow says:

    First you tell us that Harold is nothing but a cheating, stealing, conniving, threatening bully and now you tell us we can’t tell our kids about Santa Claus!

    Well will this end?

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