“America’s Most Alarming Story”

The Bear Interferes


The Washington Post has an opinion piece by Eric Chenoweth,  co-director of the Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe, upbraiding us collectively for our failure to be appropriately outraged at Putin’s supposed meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Chenoweth suggests we should have mouths agape at “the successful effort by a hostile foreign power to manipulate public opinion before the vote.”


“U.S. intelligence agencies determined that the Russian government actively interfered in our elections.”

To read Chenoweth you would assume that mucking about in other’s affairs was a completely new phenomenon invented by the Russians just for this occasion.


The US is a prime offender when it comes to deliberately interfering in the governance of other countries when we assume that it suits our strategic interests.

Can you say “Vietnam”?

In the past we have variously propagandized, fueled anti-democratic oppositions and supported dictators against duly elected leaders.

And, that’s outside the US; never mind how we scorned the rights of Native Americans.

A Blood Chief by Caitlin

A Blood Chief by Caitlin

It’s especially ironic that Chenoweth writes on the weekend of Castro’s death as we tried to murder him numerous times when we weren’t planning to invade his country or supporting rebels out to overthrow him.

The Devil

The Devil

We created the Castro myth by investing him with mythic powers.

Still not sure?

Ask Chileans or Iranians what they think of American meddling in their elective affairs.

Chenoweth’s facile scribbles contribute to the erosion of democratic values by ignoring our complicity in the very crimes he imputes to the Russians.



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  • Victoria Huckenpahler says:

    I agree, Eric. We have a very myopic view of our own country and its misdeeds. As a Buddhist, taught to examine my own motivations and actions at all times and not to spare myself, I find this very disturbing.

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