IAFF Politics: Shady Schait ‘Splains


Our Dear Leader

Our Dear Leader

IAFF’s Harold Schaitberger waxed eloquently this week to an NBC reporter about the 2016 election.

His conclusion: the Democratic Party supported minorities and college-educated whites over “blue-collar” types so we figured it was best to vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

Schaitberger terms himself “blue collar”, an abuse of words if ever there was one.

Both Trump and Pence, and Republicans generally, favor right-to-work laws and are even against raising the minimum wage.

Mike Pence

Mike Pence

What is the Democratic position?

“The Democratic Party believes that when workers are strong, America is strong. Democrats will make it easier for workers, public and private, to exercise their right to organize and join unions.”

Schaitberger’s thesis that the Democratic party failed working families is dead-in-the-water, bloviating, bull-shit.

A union which supports Donald Trump, even by default, isn’t one, period.

One wonders if Schaitberger ever told the reporter that the IAFF failed to endorse anyone in the 2016 presidential race?

As we know, when it comes to making tough and principled decisions, Schaitberger heads for the hills.

To Schaitberger all political races are effectively personality contests.

While Mrs. Clinton may lack in the personality department, she went to the mat for us after 9/11 to ensure that 343 families were cared for and thousands who worked the Pile received the medical coverage they deserved.

(Donald Trump put in for a $150,000 small business loan.)



Hillary Clinton has been a steadfast supporter of union firefighters and working families through thick and thin.

(Lesson to elected leaders, forget what we say, we don’t have your back.)

Donald Trump’s tough talk may make a better personality match for firefighters but as workers he is out to kill us off.

So much for Schaitberger’s personality politics.

Schaitberger failed in his role as a union leader.

It’s not the first time, either.

Don’t forget, this is the guy who created the still-born 2008 Dodd campaign as an alternative to voting for the dreaded knee-grow Obama.

In both 2008 and 2016 Schaitberger pandered to his cohort, first against a black man and then against a woman.

Luckily for all, Obama triumphed and workers and their families were the beneficiaries.

President Barack Obama pauses as he speaks to reporters about the fiscal cliff in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington, Friday, Dec. 21, 2012. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

President Barack Obama

His 2016 strategy was to sit on his soft hands and do nothing and then come up with a reason later.

The reason falls flat as a pancake.

The crowd coming to Washington are no friends of working families or unions.

Any union leader who failed to do their utmost to stop Trump is a failure plan and simple.

Many know that Schaitberger quickly warms to and then actually believes his own bullshit.

Before long he will be out on the stump reminding us that if the Democratic Party had just listened to him that it all would have been different.

It’s fitting that he finishes his time at the IAFF by presiding over a disaster for our union by blaming it on “minorities.”

He’s showing his true color.

Pass, the crackers, please.






  • David Anders says:

    Eric, the Grinch that stole Christmas fits your profile perfectly. Molding both sides of the debate you can make it appear you are winning the argument every time. Do us all a favor and craw back in the hole you came out of…….at least until after the holidays.

  • Rhackett says:


    Eric is correct in his assessment of Trump. The individual has no regard for working people. Ask the thousands that have sued him when he broke his contracts, after they had performed the work.

  • Union Supporter says:


    OF COURSE your response to Eric’s comments is an insult and a STFU! You can’t argue against his facts because there is no rational defense for voting against your own interests.

    I’d like to hear your explanation as to why you, or any Union Member, would support a political party that is dedicated to crushing unions.

    Democrats will continue to fight for unions even if union members like you keep voting for Republicans. Shame on you for failing to support the party that supports you!

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