2017: Schaitberger Sued?

Happy New Year

Comrade Schaitberger

Our Dear Leader

Harold Schaitberger, IAFF General President for Life, may be off to a rocky start in 2017.

Word on the street is that he could be making an appearance in court, and soon, though the specifics remain hard to decipher.

Hard because he hypocritically controls information that might cast a shadow on the teetering, false public edifice he has created.

He has no problem doing information dumps on others if he thinks it will make him look good.

The best example is when he issued a press release on the false arrest of IAFF member and brother Darren Bates.

Read about Bates here.

It’s said by some that the current suit may involve a member and/or employee.

That would be both surprising and very interesting.

Surprising because Schaitberger typically avoids push back by either buying off potential enemies or crushing them politically.

(Perhaps he has run up against someone who cannot be purchased and is not afraid, either.)

The latest to be tossed into the Schaitberger trash compactor is former seventh district vice president Ricky Walsh who folded his tent over trumped-up, bullshit charges regarding his disclosure of supposed confidential information.

To get rid of Walsh, Schaitberger employed his emasculated troupe of docile eunuchs otherwise known as the IAFF executive board to threaten Walsh with expulsion.

They lined up behind him just like the timid twits they are.

What makes that episode most amazing is that Schaitberger had blatantly violated the information confidentiality of dozens of IAFF members when he hired a pack of private dicks to troll email and phone records in search of his enemies real and imagined.

He violated the IAFF Constitution and used our union dues to do it.

And what did the executive board do about that?

Nary a thing.

They sucked their collective thumbs.

VPs at work

Executive Board at work

Though it does deserve to be pointed out that the late Mike Mullane confessed that it was a bad idea.

He was surely right on that one.

If Schaitberger is being sued he won’t be a bit happy because now he will have to operate without the ability to buy-off or crush his opponent with the ready aid of his band of merry misfits.

Most of all, Schaitberger is used to being judge and jury and that won’t be the case this time.

Now there will be an actual judge searching for the truth.

If there is one thing Schaitberger will need help finding, its the truth.

Stay tuned as details emerge.




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