IAFF & the Jews: Mr. Alan Writes In

“-Level 1 Antisemite: Wants a “Jew lawyer” because they’re devilish, making them good attorneys.

 -Level 2 Antisemite: Doesn’t want a “Jew lawyer” because, even if their devilish ways make them good attorneys, they can’t be trusted.

 -Level 3 Antisemite: Willing to dismiss good Aryan blooded attorneys because their names make it *possible* they’re devilish Jew lawyers. “Goldberg? Cohen? Reject. Klein? Weiss? Can’t tell. Reject.”

Well done, IAFF administration. You have reached the third level.”

Mr. Alan supposes, of course, that Gorman’s facts are correct; I have a hard time believing they aren’t, as well.

Schaitberger made room for bigots in order to get his way.

He is famous for being silent when his position demands that he speak up.

As part of that scheme, he has never held the board accountable if it would in any way make him less politically popular.

He allows them to take illegal per diems and otherwise fattens them up so that they are unlikely to interfere in his one man rule of oppression.

What results with such flaccid and cowardly leadership may not be an overtly bigoted organization but rather one where such conduct runs just beneath the surface.

Shady Schait

The effects can still be very damaging, especially for a labor union.

That’s because we cannot properly represent our members unless we live the ideal of social justice and equity.

We demand that employers treat us fairly yet look the other way when it suits us?

A true labor union demands and imparts dignity and respect.

When Harold Schaitberger destroyed union brother Darren Bates, I said to my co-workers, “You better watch very carefully what he is doing to Bates because you won’t get any better.”

If Schaitberger would do what he did to Bates, a Jewish sounding job applicant hasn’t a chance of being defended.

As the leader of the IAFF, Schaitberger need not be antisemitic in order to be guilty of condoning an atmosphere where it can exist.

Unfortunately for us, Schaitberger is responsible for guarding ethics at the IAFF.

In that area, as in so many others, he wanders in the wilderness, a corrupted Abraham, leading an increasingly disaffected flock.





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