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Last year, the FBI conducted investigations into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server when she was Secretary of State which broadened into a related review of emails found on a device owned by Anthony Weiner, serial sexter and all-around douche bag.

In both cases, Comey defied FBI investigative procedure when he revealed the results of one investigation or the fact that the other would be conducted.

In the email server case, FBI protocol was for the Dept. of Justice, not the FBI, to issue a statement.

In the Weiner investigation, protocol was to investigate and say nothing while doing so.

He has been badly and irreparably damaged by his failure to follow long held, time-tested investigative procedures, chiefly over concerns of how FBI actions might appear to others.


They say “rules are made to be broken” but they are also designed to keep the train on the tracks, often when it matters most.

Our job is strongly based on rules or procedures which act as a script so that everyone delivers their “lines” at the correct time.

Every action from rig placement to ventilation and hoseline deployment is predetermined in a sequential chain of procedures designed to achieve an expected outcome which is smooth, safe and effective.

Break that chain and chaos, or worse, is the result.

Ironically, Comey apparently made his decisions, at least in part, to protect the credibility of the FBI and wound up nearly destroying his own in the process.

Trump is keeping Comey on and he now has the pedigree of a whipped dog who will be endlessly criticized by one side or the other for failing to do (or doing) this or that.

He is weakened, whipsawed and stalemated, the absolute best situation for Trump.

Keeping him is a brilliant political move.

Comey’s failures are a potent reminder to not be unduly concerned with appearances, especially when enduring precedent and commonsense are in your favor.




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  • Islafire says:

    Before you even made the whipped dog analogy, I was thinking that. He will cower and genuflect to every raise of Trump’s hand. He’s not the only one.

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