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Shady Schait’s Uphill Battle

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Conspiracy? Former IAFF chief of staff Pete Gorman alleges in court documents that Harold Schaitberger, General President of the IAFF, retaliated against him “deliberately, with malice, with intent to injure, and in reckless disregard for Mr. Gorman’s rights.” Gorman also alleges that “Schaitberger began orchestrating the termination of his employment and enlisted other senior staff to […]

Race: Phil Says, “Comedy”

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Jordan, Robinson and Obama There’s a video circulating on the web entitled, “Farewell Video to President Obama.” During the video, Michael Jordan, when speaking of the President, mentions the legendary Jackie Robinson which caused me to note that, “When Michael Jordan references Robinson he connects 65 years of Civil Rights history and reminds us that […]

Shady Schait: Hot Seat?

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DC Superior Court Our Dear Leader is due in DC Superior Court the end of this month to face a charge that he retaliated against former IAFF chief of staff Peter Gorman “deliberately, with malice, with intent to injure, and in reckless disregard for Mr. Gorman’s rights.” It will be a pivotal moment, for sure. […]

IAFF: Who Will Represent Him?

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We Will, Of Course A reader asked the question regarding a possible legal action filed against IAFF President for Life and Our Dear Leader (ODL) Harold Schaitberger. Given what we know about how Our Dear Leader operates, it’s quite likely that the same firm representing the IAFF would also represent him; possibly even the same […]

2017: Schaitberger Sued?

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Happy New Year Harold Schaitberger, IAFF General President for Life, may be off to a rocky start in 2017. Word on the street is that he could be making an appearance in court, and soon, though the specifics remain hard to decipher. Hard because he hypocritically controls information that might cast a shadow on the […]

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