Shady Schait’s Corruption: Over 1/3 of a $Million

How Many Locals Could Have Been Helped?

Let’s flashback to September 2015 when Our Dear Leader and President for Life Harold Schaitberger hired “The Lenzner Group” a firm of private dicks, to spy on IAFF members and staff.

Dick Tracy

Leader was furious that the details of his high living on the backs of IAFF dues-paying members was leaking out and he was determined to put a stop it.

His hand-picked private dicks trolled data and phone records to supposedly unearth folks guilty of, at worst, the exposure of rampant fraud and unethical spending.

Leader was out to slay the messenger as opposed to changing his bloated conduct.

In the end, Leader need not have worried as he was re-elected without opposition by an IAFF membership operating without morality or ethics.

The convention was little more than a Nuremberg Rally, in substance and in form.

Some folks wondered how much we payed out for the privilege of being spied upon and the well-kept secret is now out, courtesy of the IAFF counter-suit against Pete Gorman.

Leader pissed away $370,000 of our member’s dues in a Nixonian fit of paranoia to plug a leak of information that the members have a right to know of anyway.

Shady Schait

The question that should be asked by the IAFF Executive Board and other leaders is how many IAFF local unions could have received critically needed help with such a huge amount of money?

Have no doubt about it, member’s jobs could have been saved with that $370,000.

It surely gets better or more bizarre, depending on your sense of irony.

Now, Leader wishes to recoup the squandered amount from none other than Pete Gorman, by any measure one of the most honest people to hold a leadership post in the IAFF since George Richardson, a hundred years ago.

Pete Gorman

It is all part of Schaitberger’s attempt to intimidate Gorman.

It says all you need to know about Leader and the IAFF that they kept this information under wraps until it was deemed useful to intimidate and harass a long term and very loyal IAFF member, much more loyal than Leader ever was.

Stay tuned.

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  • David Anders says:

    Come on Eric….Nuremberg Rally??….Nixonian?? I am sure it took you a few minutes to look up the names of the most repulsive events in history to paint a word picture of what you want people to think. You are the master of name calling but offer no proof. You do not seem to have much in the way of hard evidence. I always thought that Pete Gorman was one of the nicest people in the IAFF but stay tuned… are working hard to bring him down to your level.

  • Eric Lamar says:

    OK, my apologies to Hitler and Nixon for debasing their standing by comparing them with Leader.

  • A.Hoy says:

    What is the consensus of the local fire department’s Union elected presidents? Do they support Leader? If this corruption is going on, why wouldn’t one of these “Presidents” step up to be heard? Especially if Leader is worse than Hitler! Just curious

  • Star witness says:

    David, you are always trying to defend Harold Cheeseburger at any cost. If you think you’re his friend or you want to be his friend, he doesn’t really care or have any friends. It’s all about him and will always be all about him! So why don’t you just wise up and look at the real truth instead of keeping your head in a hole! If it wasn’t for Eric nobody would know anything about the “big shot cheeseburger !!!!!”

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