Corrupt IAFF: Shady Schait, Slevin and the Counter-Suit

Slevin Stays Silent

IAFF Vice Presidents at Work.

The news is out that Our Dear Leader has filed a counter-suit against Local 854 IAFF member Pete Gorman.

Gorman alleges that he was fired from his staff position in an act of retaliation for bringing to light concerns about hiring practices at the IAFF.

He states that Jim Lee, current IAFF Chief of Staff, discussed with him the lack of consideration given to qualified women, an African American candidate and people with “Jewish sounding names” which we can assume are not names like Lee or Miller.

If someone engages the IAFF in a legal action we obviously have to address the issue.

But it is an entirely different situation to file a counter-suit, especially against an honored IAFF member.

It would be interesting to know what the executive board discussion or vote was on the decision to sue Gorman under circumstances which give the appearance of legal retaliation.

In fact, Gorman’s attorney asserts that that is exactly what the counter-suit is.

It would be especially interesting to know IAFF 1st District Vice President Jim Slevin’s position on the counter-suit.

I reached out to Slevin the other day to see if he voted for the counter-suit against Gorman and he never responded.

Big surprise.

Leader keeps the lads on a very short leash.

But, still.

Gorman was a UFA member and is a former president of IAFF Local 854.

Some ten thousand of Slevin’s constituents are FDNY firefighters or officers.

You have to think that if they were asked who they trusted more, Leader or Gorman, that the answer would be obvious.

Shady Schait

FDNY members can’t be too happy about the fact that Leader is bullying the man who helped to lead them through the trials of 9/11.

If I was an FDNY or 1st district member I would be less than happy if Slevin failed to stand up for someone of Gorman’s stature.

Leaders’s conduct is just the kind of thing that drives folks out of our union.

Slevin should make it clear how he voted on the counter-suit and where he stands on defending the integrity of one of his members.

Of course, it is always possible that there was no vote and that Our Dear Leader just did what he wanted as the cowardly board sucked-up and bowed and scraped like the slavish, weak-willed kiddies they surely are.

Even so, Slevin should be speaking up, loud and clear in defense of Gorman.

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  • Rudy Sanfilippo says:

    As a Trustee for tha UFA 99-05 I found the Iaff
    To be quite the dumping ground for corrupt local
    Union officials.

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