IAFF Corruption: Ahoy Asks

“What is the consensus of the local fire department’s Union elected presidents? Do they support Leader? If this corruption is going on, why wouldn’t one of these “Presidents” step up to be heard? Especially if Leader is worse than Hitler! Just curious.”


Dear Ahoy:

Your’s is the million dollar question.

Local leaders obviously support leader as they not only re-elected him, he had no opposition.

Shady Schait

Many, most probably, are well aware of his ethics and “style” of operating.

They embrace his luxury lifestyle paid for with the IAFF credit card and look the other way when he robs us of our rights and dignity as he did Darren Bates.

You probably know that the IAFF is divided up into 16 geographical districts and each of those has a vice-president who also sits on the IAFF executive board along with Schaitberger and the newly minted Secretary-Treasurer, Ed Kelly, from Boston.

Leader has bought off, intimidated, conned or bullied this so-called executive board into complete silence.

But, it’s even more amazing than that: they agreed with his plan to spend $370,000 of our dues money to spy on us.

We paid to have our own rights violated when his real reason was quite simple: he needed to stop, at all cost, any discussion of his rampant abuse of his position–financial, ethical, you name it.

About the so-called executive board, many IAFF locals take their cue regarding whom to support from this pack of cowed weasels.

Some Weasels

Only a few local leaders are smart enough to maintain their independence regarding whom to support for top offices.

The board has sat on their hands as leader has corrupted the IAFF, spied on us, betrayed our confidentiality and robbed us of our rights and dignity.

The most recent example of their cowardice is the decision to file a counter suit against Local 854’s former president Pete Gorman when be brought to light concerns about unfair hiring practices at the IAFF.

The most amazing fact is that if a local union officer did any of the things that leader has done to us they would be recalled from office and likely face charges or worse.

Yet, leader sails blithely along leaving a weakened IAFF in his wake.

Is Leader worse than Hitler?

I would say rather that he is as good as Hitler at the destruction of his enemies by any means necessary, including public shaming, ridicule and retaliation.

Not a single person on the current board has shown the slightest capacity for leadership and they should be denied the opportunity for consideration to lead the IAFF when Leader (finally) goes.

The IAFF would be well served if the next generation of leaders emerged from the field unknown, their integrity still intact.

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  • IslaFire says:

    “About the so-called executive board, many IAFF locals take their cue regarding whom to support from this pack of cowed weasels.”

    It is in a Local’s best interest to have a good relationship with their DVP. And yes, that’s pretty much how it works. Fall in line or fall out of favor.

  • Mack says:

    Eric, thank you for providing this blog, and giving people the opportunity to hear another viewpoint.
    Long ago I had the (mis)fortune of dealing directly with Shaitberger, my District VP, AND Pete Gorman. Until that point, I had no idea what went on at the IAFF. How would I ever know? Not from the IAFF website, not from the IAFF magazine, not from the MDA publications showing Harold “standing tough” with a little kid. As local union members, we are very isolated from what goes on at the IAFF. We are not “well aware of his ethics and “style” of operating.” The IAFF isn’t something that is covered in the media, we only hear what the IAFF wants us to hear (until someone like you comes along). Unless you are one of the few that gets to deal directly with Harold and the VP’s, you will never know. That’s how he has been able to operate like this for so long!
    I never had a reason to question the integrity of the IAFF, until I had a fluke opportunity to “peek behind the curtain” and see that the Great and Powerful Oz was just an old man hiding behind a curtain. I can’t tell you how vindicated I felt when I stumbled across your blog, and realized I wasn’t crazy.
    I was ignorant all those years, not stupid, not apathetic, just ignorant. And unless more people like you continue to pull back the curtain for all to see, things will just continue as they are. Keep shining the light on them.

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