Walk-About: An Obvious Gem

My third career has made a walker of me, first for work and now for exercise and pleasure, as well.

Though I never would have guessed it before, there are few places I need to go in the city that are farther away then a 75-minute brisk walk.

If you would have asked me how long it would take to walk from my house to Arlington Cemetery, I would have said 90 minutes and I would have been wrong by half.

Sixty minutes also gets me to the Capitol and it’s less than that to the Cathedral, thanks to L’Enfant’s diagonal thoroughfares.

The best part of walking is the opportunity to take in the endless details.

Every block is full of architecture, people and the random sounds and sights that make the city ever changing and interesting.

Just crossing the street and walking on the opposite side affords an entirely different view of buildings, their details and ornamentation.

Yesterday, I was on a walk down to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to wander about before the tourist season arrives and crowds again become the norm.

As I made my way down I saw a sight in the near distance and had one of those “I should check that out” moments which I always try to obey rather than putting it off to some imagined future time.

I was glad I did.

A closer look yielded a stunning detail on a sunny afternoon.

Have a look and enjoy, and if you can, name the site in the comments.



  • IslaFire says:

    I can’t name the site. But on my trip to DC a little over a year ago I too was taken by the many treasures that are in plain sight yet often not seen. You should make a page of DC Hidden Treasures to include things such as this.

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