The Corrupt IAFF: Mack Writes In

A “Peek Behind the Curtain”

Shady Schait

“Eric, thank you for providing this blog, and giving people the opportunity to hear another viewpoint.

Long ago I had the (mis)fortune of dealing directly with Shaitberger, my District VP, AND Pete Gorman.

Until that point, I had no idea what went on at the IAFF.

How would I ever know?

Not from the IAFF website, not from the IAFF magazine, not from the MDA publications showing Harold “standing tough” with a little kid.

As local union members, we are very isolated from what goes on at the IAFF.

We are not “well aware of his ethics and “style” of operating.”

The IAFF isn’t something that is covered in the media, we only hear what the IAFF wants us to hear (until someone like you comes along).

Unless you are one of the few that gets to deal directly with Harold and the VP’s, you will never know.

That’s how he has been able to operate like this for so long!

I never had a reason to question the integrity of the IAFF, until I had a fluke opportunity to “peek behind the curtain” and see that the Great and Powerful Oz was just an old man hiding behind a curtain.

I can’t tell you how vindicated I felt when I stumbled across your blog, and realized I wasn’t crazy.

I was ignorant all those years, not stupid, not apathetic, just ignorant.

And unless more people like you continue to pull back the curtain for all to see, things will just continue as they are.

Keep shining the light on them.”

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  • David Anders says:

    Eric, again, the letter is not signed. If an IAFF member has criticism of the IAFF or our GP, surly he/she would not hesitate to sign their name and list their Local number. The lack of an id can only mean one thing, you wrote it.

  • Mack says:

    Did I just get called “fake news”?

  • Mack says:

    Mr. Anders, with all due respect, did you read my post? I was inspired to reply because I DISAGREED with Eric when he wrote that we as Union members are, “well aware of his ethics and “style” of operating”. Eric also wrote that, “only a few local leaders are smart enough to maintain their independence regarding whom to support for top offices”, a point which I countered by throwing myself only partially under the bus by saying that, “I was ignorant all those years, not stupid….”
    I’m a real person, sorry to have to point that out.

  • IAFF Delegate says:

    Mr Anders, there are valid reasons for members to remain anonymous here. I know. I took a tongue lashing from my President for using my name here once. I was told that our state President and our DVP were upset with me and our Local because of it. I think it was a matter of our President being cast as not having his Local under control because a member chooses to speak out. Similarly, another elected member of our Local was chastised. We both decided it would be better to go under cover. If we didn’t, we would not be able to accomplish things within our Local or state.

    This is part of the intimidation that takes place.

  • Star witness says:

    Mack, you are fortunate you don’t really know everything that Harold cheeseburger does, it would make you sick! He is a coward and you are correct he is the man behind the curtain. For he is just like the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz, a bully. Although, he wasn’t always like this with each step in his career he became more and more and more greedy and power-hungry until it finally has taken over his whole being. He will do anything and everything to get what he wants. This isn’t about a great IAFF, it is about Harold masterminding plans so he can have as much money and power to keep feeding his ego. It truly is a sickness and God help anyone that gets in his way!!

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