The Corrupt IAFF: Anders and the Wizard of Oz

Dave Anders, Again

Mr. Anders, a perennial supporter of Our Dear Leader, had this to say about Mack’s comment from yesterday:

Our Dear Leader

“Eric, again, the letter is not signed. If an IAFF member has criticism of the IAFF or our GP, surly [sic] he/she would not hesitate to sign their name and list their Local number. The lack of an id can only mean one thing, you wrote it.”

To which IAFF Delegate responded:

“Mr Anders, there are valid reasons for members to remain anonymous here. I know. I took a tongue lashing from my President for using my name here once. I was told that our state President and our DVP were upset with me and our Local because of it. I think it was a matter of our President being cast as not having his Local under control because a member chooses to speak out. Similarly, another elected member of our Local was chastised. We both decided it would be better to go under cover. If we didn’t, we would not be able to accomplish things within our Local or state.

This is part of the intimidation that takes place.”

As did Mack, himself:

“Mr. Anders, with all due respect, did you read my post? I was inspired to reply because I DISAGREED with Eric when he wrote that we as Union members are, “well aware of his ethics and “style” of operating”. Eric also wrote that, “only a few local leaders are smart enough to maintain their independence regarding whom to support for top offices”, a point which I countered by throwing myself only partially under the bus by saying that, “I was ignorant all those years, not stupid….”

I’m a real person, sorry to have to point that out.”

Mr. Anders and the Wizard of Oz

Mr. Anders cannot bring himself to look behind the curtain “and see that the Great and Powerful Oz is just an old man hiding behind a curtain.”

But our OZ has far more in common with the Wicked Witch of the West.

Only a “wicked witch” would steal nickels to the tune of $1,385,000 from children suffering a life-threatening disease in order to slurp red wine at $200 a bottle.

In the IAFF Oz remake the munchkins are the cowardly and emasculated vice presidents who back his every play even when it involves destroying our own members and our bedrock ideals.

More than any other single issue, the Great Muscular Dystrophy Rip-off and the fact that IAFF members support it, perfectly illustrates how far the IAFF has fallen under Schaitberger’s pillaging watch.

For the MDA theft alone we deserve to be purged from the earth in the defense of morality and decency.

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  • David Anders says:

    Mack, if indeed that is a real person other than Eric replying to my previous statement. I have always believed that if I cannot use my real name, perhaps I should not say anything at all.

    Now to the wizard-of-oz….Eric, if what you say is true, why haven’t you or others filled charges. Do you really believe that I and others are going to believe that anyone, in broad daylight, can steal over a million dollars from a well-known charity and not have felony charges brought against them? If something like this is exposed and proven, that is one thing, but this circus continues to be the same old line from you. As long as you can fire shots at someone without being fired on you are really brave. I am truly convinced that you are mentally ill. Please get some professional help.

  • Eric Lamar says:

    Fact: The IAFF rips MDA off for so much money they don’t know where to stash it all.

    Fact: That money could be going for research or to provide needed services for sick kids.

    Fact: Only maggots rip off sick kids.

    Schaitberger and his wasted weasels control the trial board process from top to bottom which raises a VERY interesting question: Why don’t they file charges against ME?

  • David Anders says:

    Eric, again, you spout out accusations without proof. A lot of people have conspiracies theories for about everything. So, until you have proof, I will add your name to the list.

  • Star witness says:

    David I know hurald better then anyone. And believe me Erick knows a hell of a lot more than you do about hurled cheeseburger!! David, with no due respect Eric has known a lot of stuff that he’s done and so do you. So quit trying to suck up and put the blame on Eric it’s not Eric that is doing these things it’s your dear old leader.

  • Mike Mohler says:

    David, you and I have been friends for years and I have a lot of respect for you but your attacks on Eric are misdirected. Harold has the means to direct funds from all of the charitable foundations that the IAFF runs because we have an executive board that refuses to challenge him on anything. The trustees are bought and paid for. Send Ouellette to a golf course and he’ll give Harold anything he wants. Why do you think Harold worked to guarantee that Duane Dixon stepped down as a candidate for trustee, a position Duane wanted. Not for the perks but because Duane could be trusted to do the right thing therefore he was a threat to Harold. David believe me no one has been closer to the core of the IAFF operations. He drafted many of the speeches given by IAFF principal officers. Take a look at how I was dealt with for taking positions against positions our dear leader was pushing or working to kill i.e. Ethics reform. The people I was elected to represent expected me to support there positions regardless of what happened to me. My allegiance was to the members and not to our dear leader and I gladly paid the price.

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