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IAFF, GOP and Right-To-Work

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You Wanted It, You Got It Yesterday’s New York Times includes a feature story detailing how the GOP is now in full control of 25 state governments and 33 governorships and what that means for organized labor. They report that while politicians in Congress may be confused about what to do, no such disorder reigns in […]

Leadership: Trump and the Three Branches

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A President in Training It’s often been said that there is no real training for presidents, they learn how to do the job by doing it, a fact that can have messy consequences, at least in the early stages. Being a successful president clearly requires a broad range of skills including having a vision and […]

Leadership: My Favorite Royal Moment

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I was in Starbucks the other afternoon standing in line, when my time came I ordered an English breakfast tea which caused the lady in front of me to inquire if I was celebrating the Queen’s platinum jubilee anniversary or some such award, given to the longest serving monarch ever. I replied in the negative […]

Corrupt IAFF: Shady Schait, Slevin and the Counter-Suit

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Slevin Stays Silent The news is out that Our Dear Leader has filed a counter-suit against Local 854 IAFF member Pete Gorman. Gorman alleges that he was fired from his staff position in an act of retaliation for bringing to light concerns about hiring practices at the IAFF. He states that Jim Lee, current IAFF […]

Guiding: Breakfast, Chompers and the Babe

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One Hell of an Omelet After seven years as a DC city guide I have long since grown accustomed to clients arriving here with some odd notions about touring, including some strange itineraries; this week, though, was a keeper. Here’s an (obvious) tip: the closer you stay to the city the more time you have […]

Shady Schait’s Corruption: Over 1/3 of a $Million

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How Many Locals Could Have Been Helped? Let’s flashback to September 2015 when Our Dear Leader and President for Life Harold Schaitberger hired “The Lenzner Group” a firm of private dicks, to spy on IAFF members and staff. Leader was furious that the details of his high living on the backs of IAFF dues-paying members […]

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