Guiding: Springtime, Sort Of

Out and About

The snow is nearly melted from the other day’s surprise weather and the pace of the guiding season is picking up.

To wit, some images from around town.

Scaffolding is up at the Jefferson Memorial as they repair (at least) the interior lighting.

Generally speaking, the major memorials are in poor condition and in varying states of disrepair.

It’s daylight saving’s time here which means night tours start with some evening sunset light; here’s a shot of the DC WWI Memorial taken yesterday.

Another shot from last night, this one across the WWII Memorial looking west toward Lincoln.

What’s unusual is water in the pool but the fountains off, a totally different look.

One of the most elegant and beautiful spaces in a city full of them is the rotunda in the West Building of the National Gallery of Art, here, done up for Spring.

A pre-snow look at some Tidal Basin/FDR blooms on a chilly evening last week.

Some will know that there was once a (fetid) canal where Constitution Ave. is today; the construction of the African American Museum unearthed some wall stones from it and they are now on display there.

A team of workers upgrading the WWII Memorial Atlantic Pavilion lighting to LED last week.

Ditto for the Memorial Basin

And finally, Father Abraham fittingly adorned:  He Saved the Union.




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