Joe Blow on Pete Gorman

“Joe Blow”, a sometimes commenter who often takes me to the woodshed, at least metaphorically, wrote in responding to a recent Dave Anders rant about me, the IAFF and Gorman.

Pete Gorman

He had this to say about a Dave Anders comment:

“Did you just refer to Pete Gorman as a fly? The man is a colossus compared to our slimy president. On second thought, maybe he is like a mosquito carrying a virus called truth and decency. He bit the IAFF in the hope of spreading those values in our corrupt union.

Of course, Harold is fighting the spread of those values using OUR money. 400k of firefighters dues for a private investigator? To uncover what ? Corruption, malfeasance? No, to try to expose a whistleblower who led the FDNY in the darkest days in the history of American firefighting.

Why the huge New York locals chose to remain in this swamp is beyond me.”

Joe Blow is right–the Gorman legal action regarding questionable hiring practices at the IAFF is really about the ethics of our union, a fact which should never be forgotten.

But, take two steps back and you begin to see the real state of corrupt affairs.

When Schaitberger determined that his cesspool had sprung some leaks, like the ruthless little dictator that he is, he employed paid spies (to the tune of $400,000) to ferret out the sources.

We have now become a union where members who discuss ethical concerns, even senior leaders, will have their electronic communications sifted and monitored, just as if we were a communist state.

Then, when Gorman sought justice, Schaitberger slammed him with a lawsuit where he wants Gorman to foot the bill for his secret spying on IAFF members, spying which we paid for with our dues money.

Harold Schaitberger

Schaitberger is using his corruption to punish a man who is fighting it, quite a state of affairs.

Joe Blow had this to say about Pete Gorman,  he “led the FDNY in the darkest days in the history of American firefighting.”

It’s true.

While Schaitberger, barely a firefighter, was flitting from steak house to steak house and enjoying the occasional private jet ride, too, Gorman was burying his members by whole companies and caring for the families left behind.

That’s the man Schaitberger calls a “rat” and has convinced others that he is “trying to take down the IAFF.”

The contrast between the two men could not be more stark on any level that will ever matter.

The astounding fact about the current IAFF is that the man whom “Joe Blow” says stands for truth and decency is made out to be an enemy while the real enemy robs us of our rights, dignity and future.

We should hang our heads in shame.

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  • Joe blow says:

    Gee whiz, thanks for the headline after I have been tough on you in the past. But thus is a subject we can all agree with.Please keep us posted.

  • IslaFire says:

    You mean people can disagree and agree too? What kind of universe are we living in? LOL

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