James Jackson and His Emmett Till Thing

Sexual Rage and Deadly Racism

Timothy Caughman

Last week, James Jackson of Baltimore, an Army veteran, traveled to New York and stabbed Timothy Caughman to death on a city street “in order to launch a campaign of terrorism” according to Cyrus Vance, Jr., the Manhattan DA.

The Washington Post reports, “Police said Jackson left no doubt about what motivated his attack, saying in a complaint filed last week that he “was angered by black men mixing with white women.” In an interview published Sunday, Jackson said he hoped his attack would make white women decide not to enter romantic relationships with black men.”

Jackson’s act reminds us of the death of Emmett Till, a fourteen-year-old black teenager in Mississippi who was lynched in 1955 because he supposedly flirted with a white woman.

(Till’s killers were acquitted.)

In the minds of Jackson and his fellow white supremacists whites are pure and nothing is more vile than a mixing of the races, most especially sexually.

They theorize that such mixing will dilute the strength of superior (white) folk.

It takes the special rage of a serial loser to hop a bus to New York and then kill a perfect stranger in defense of your warped beliefs.

About those warped beliefs.

White supremacists traffic in conspiracy theories of which racial weakening is but one.

Conspiracy theories are an invaluable tool for serial losers as it provides them with a) a ready made excuse for their failures, and b) the idea that they have special insight and knowledge we lack.

Of course, if they really had special insight and knowledge they wouldn’t be losers.

Only a real loser could project his lack of sexual success onto an entire race as if it was just one big contest between horny white and black men.

Jackson and his cohort render women powerless, assuming that they are prey to be hunted and incapable of making their own decisions regarding love, desire and companionship.

If convicted, Jackson could face life in prison.


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