Guiding: Arlington Seen and Heard

This past Wednesday was a glorious day here in Washington with the sky cloudless and the temperature a sweet 75 degrees, a superb day to be out and about.

Those familiar with DC will know that the city is full of trees and lushly landscaped with special spring and summer plantings and a huge variety of perennials, too.

Arlington Cemetery is beautiful with the transition to Spring in full swing.

Flowers at the Tomb

This time of year there can be over a dozen funerals each day and the sharp report of rifle fire or the sound of taps being played is a nearly constant refrain.

But two other sounds in the springtime lend an especially romantic air: the tolling of the bell at the Tomb and the melodies of birds in the trees.

If Arlington must be seen, it must be heard, as well.

On the way up to the Tomb we observed a graveside service and then watched a riderless horse led by a member of the Caisson Platoon returning to the stables, hooves part sliding, part clacking on the pavement in a tranquil and timeless rhythm.

Returning to the Stables




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