Wait, I Know That Guy

Ripping Off Sick Kids


Donald Trump’s ghastly behavior, his lying, bullying and abuse, have caused more than one person to say, “wait, I know that guy.”

That guy being Harold Schaitberger, of course.

Forbes, the business magazine, dropped a bombshell this week that Eric Trump’s pediatric cancer charity was paying huge sums to the Trump organization for use of its golf resorts even though patrons were led to believe the facilities and other costs were free:

“Ian Gillule, who served as membership and marketing director at Trump National Westchester during two stints from 2006 to 2015 and witnessed how Donald Trump reacted to the tournament’s economics. “Mr. Trump had a cow. He flipped. He was like, ‘We’re donating all of this stuff, and there’s no paper trail? No credit?’ And he went nuts. He said, ‘I don’t care if it’s my son or not–everybody gets billed.’ ”

Trump Sr., now the president of the United States, was refusing to donate the use of his luxurious links to help kids with cancer.

(No wonder he is against foreign aid, even when it has a clear strategic purpose.)

In fact, money was passed back and forth between Trump family charities in such a way that Forbes said, “this maneuver would appear to have more in common with a drug cartel’s money-laundering operation than a charity’s best-practices textbook.”

If all this sounds oddly familiar to IAFF members, you are right.

The IAFF under Harold Schaitberger has turned aid to a charity treating sick children into a major money-maker where the “revenue” is so great it is hard to conceal in the IAFF budget.

Our Dear Leader

Schaitberger’s IAFF has bilked millions of dollars from the Muscular Dystrophy Association, basically skimming a nickel of every dollar collected from a clueless public dumping their spare change, and more, into a firefighter’s boot.

It’s a page right out of Donald Trump’s book: everybody pays.

And, he has the full support of the IAFF executive board in doing it; not a single one has raised a peep regarding the theft of money meant to help children as they struggle with a life-threatening disease.

Trump and Schaitberger are two peas in a pod, victimizing the helpless for their own greed and gain.












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