MAGA: Donald Brings Out the Wackos

A Lefty with a Gun

James T. Hodgkinson (BBC)

It’s been a long time since lefties were running around shooting, kidnapping and bombing.

I recall some of it during the Vietnam war in the early 70’s.

America was sorely tested by an avalanche of tragedies including the murders of MLK, RFK and the war.

Richard Nixon, a figure once thought of as polarizing, was president.

He now seems absolutely collegial in comparison to Trump.

Nixon may have been vulgar and small-minded but he has been totally eclipsed.

Trump’s rhetoric of hate is causing people to react in unimagined ways.

James T. Hodgkinson, from Belleville, Ill., apparently used an assault rifle to attack members of Congress in Alexandria, Virginia, in an act of terror.

He was 66.

When our terrorists qualify for social security old-age pensions it’s time to perk up and take notice.

Throughout his campaign and into his fledgling presidency, Trump has proudly flaunted civil discourse encouraging his followers to assault those whom he does not like.

His words are “inspirational” but perhaps not in the way he thought, if he even does think.

As far as guns are concerned, well, here we are again–it’s worth noting that at roughly the same time of the Alexandria shooting three people were murdered in San Francisco by a shooter at a UPS facility.

Finally, it’s especially troublesome when post-shooting, our leaders talk of oneness and unity when it is their everyday actions and words which are driving us apart.

Their kind words divert our attention from the fact that they are responsible for both the national mood and its effects.





  • David Anders says:

    Well said

  • Dessi B. says:

    Your article is filled with generalities and saws discord! When did the President flaunt civil discourse? Was it when he said that he is the President even of those that did not elect him? Or when he is meeting with all kind of working people? Or when he asked people at his Inaugural brunch to give the Clinton’s standing ovation? …or when he got home Otto Warmbier when the previous Administration had done nothing but to tell his parents to keep silent? Why do you not mention that Hodgkinson asked if Republicans or Democrats are practicing on that field and then started shooting when he got an answer? Your article is misleading and inaccurate. What a pity that you use this platform to bash the President of the United States, instead of speaking against violence. Funny how you do not mention that the “wacko” was a volunteer for Bernie Sanders and that most violence in the US is perpetrated and executed by Democratic sympathizers. Why don’t you have respect for the Office of the President of the United States!

  • Joe Blow says:

    -A rash of anti-semetic violence is blamed on the First President with Jews in his immediate family.
    – a conservative Congressman is shot, who do we blame? Why the conservative president, of course!
    – no mention of the violent rhetoric on the left: blowing up the White House, severed Trump heads, etc
    – and of course, if this 66 year old angry white man was a Trump supporter that of course would be Trumps fault.
    Heads I win, tails you lose.

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