Philando Castile: “A Legal Lynching”?

Philando Castile

Philando Castile was shot and killed by St. Paul, MN, police officer Jeronimo Yanez on July 6, 2016, during a traffic stop for non-working tail lights.

Officer Yanez was charged with second-degree manslaughter and acquitted in a jury trial last Friday.

The verdict is being referred to as a “legal lynching” once again raising questions about whether or not blacks are at undue risk at the hands of police.

The choice of the word “lynching” is freighted with deep-seated imagery and meaning.

A Lynching

Thousands of blacks were murdered in the south and the midwest from 1880 to 1950 by crowds of whites who suspected them of some offense, real or imagined.

The accused would likely as not be dragged through the streets then bound to a stake where ears and other body parts would be cut off; a rope was then placed around their neck.

Often the actual manner of death was by being burned at the stake after which the body was hoisted and riddled by bullets.

If there was anything left of the corpse, such as toes or bones, they would be auctioned off as souvenirs or taken by the crowd.

Thousands would attend the killings.

It was likely that the accused had been in the hands of a sheriff and perhaps in jail.

In many cases the officer fought long and hard to protect the accused, including being handcuffed to them or jailed with them.

Doors would be broken down and jails set on fire to kidnap the prisoner and deny them justice.

It was murder plain and simple and it was also racial terror.

Describing Castile’s death as a lynching undercuts the prolonged terror that those victims, often completely innocent, endured.

According to the Times, Jeffrey Paulsen, a prosecutor, said, “He [Yanez] was making assumptions and jumping to conclusions without engaging in the dialogue he was trained to have in a citizen encounter like this. And that’s his fault, not the fault of Philando Castile.”

Paulsen also said, “If someone were just about to reach in their pocket and pull out a gun and shoot an officer, that’s the last thing they would say,” referring to Castile’s admission that he was carrying a firearm.

When a man dies over broken tail lights and smoking a joint it may not be a lynching but justice is no where in sight.



  • Bob Gray says:

    Tragic, disgusting, sad, inhuman, deplorable …

    • WhiningMaggots says:

      The officer was not mistaken. The guy in the car told him he had a gun. Then he reached for his pocket. Anyone who experience that, needs to pull out their gun asap and blow the bastard away. You just don`t know what he is thinking. And cops would like to go home to their familys after work, instead of being shot by some dickhead.

      The lesson to learn from this is; don`t be an idiot. If the guy in the car had used his tiny little mind, he would still be alive today. But he chose to act like an idiot and he paid for it. I support the cop 100%, he did nothing wrong.

  • Joe Blow says:

    What the hell does the intentional killing by a mob have to do with a law enforcement officer using deadly physical force to defend himself. The officer may have been tragically mistaken, but he did not leave his house that day with the intent to kill anyone.
    Use of racially charged rhetoric in this case is hardly helpful.
    To smear fellow first reponders like this is outrageous.

  • Joe Blow says:

    Seems to me the anti- Cop hysteria crowd have a lot more in common with the lynch mob mentally. The lynch mob wanted blood, not a trial. Here, this officer was arrested, tried and found not guilty. But the cop haters still scream for blood. Are police officers not entitled to a fair trial?

  • WhiningMaggots says:

    He was shot because he did something incredibly stupid. He told a cop he had a gun and then he reached for his pocket. If someone tells me they have a gun and then start reaching for anything at all, I will blow them away faster than you can say dumbass. And that is 100% correct, not a problem.

    I can`t stand people defending this. “Bu-hu, he was so innocent! Best guy ever, bu-huu, evil cops bu-hu”. Just don`t be an idiot and the cops won`t shoot you. Guess how many times I have been shot by cops. Zero times. Becasue I`m not an idiot.

    And few things make my blood boil more than black people who start screaming becasue a black guy got himself killed. Just sit down and shut up, he wasn`t killed becasue he was black, I know how much you love to use that argument, he was killed becasue he was a moron and he did something very stupid.

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