Shady Schait’s “Missed Opportunity”

Mr. Blow Writes In

Harold Schaitberger

What a tragic missed opportunity.

Harold and the entire board could have justified an all expenses paid trip to London.

It could have been one of those ‘fact finding’ missions.

First class travel, of course, 5 star hotels, luxury dining.

Chauffeured Rolls?

Hmmm…maybe a bit too much.

Go with the Jag.

The only thing stopping Harold would be the Brit reputation for food, not the best.

Harold would not be down with fish n chips and a pint.

Too working class, you know.



  • IslaFire says:

    Who doesn’t like fish and chips with a pint or two or three?

  • Joe Blow says:

    Eric is a good sport giving me a spotlight. I am pretty tough on his political views.I just hope people Dont blame me if Harold decides to take this junket! British Airways First Class has those private cocoons. Free champagne, too.

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