Fox Leaves Board; Shady Schait Kept in Dark


Recently elected IAFF Seventh District vice-president Kelly Fox is reported to be resigning from the board to take a position with the California public employee retirement system, a.k.a. CalPERS.


Sources say he held his cards close to his vest, or at least close enough that Harold Schaitberger did not know until just about everyone else did.

Smart man, Fox.

Schaitberger loves two things: to meddle and to be seen as the kingmaker.

Fox denied him both roles and he can’t be happy about that.

Ironically, Schaitberger loves secrets and to spring surprises in order to catch people off-guard.

I wonder how a dose of his own medicine tasted.

A bit bitter probably.

Just last week Schaitberger apparently schlepped all the way out to Washington state for their convention, was face-to-face with the whole crew, and no one spilled the beans.


That tells you a thing or two.

Thing one:  They aren’t fans of Our Dear Leader, especially after his “lynching” of Ricky Walsh.

Thing two: They want to keep him from getting all up in their business.

Thing two is easier said than done.

Shady Schait will pick a favorite from among the candidates and begin the wooing phone calls.

In the recent election in the fourth district he flitted from candidate to candidate like a bee collecting pollen, ultimately winding up with the one he liked the least.

That election decisively proved that his influence wanes quickly away from his bought-off board.

Seventh district leaders would be well advised to remember that Schaitberger wants, above all else, not a stand-up labor leader but one he can manipulate and control.

Luckily, they will have the final say.

Stop the Schaitberger Corruption



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