Line of Duty: Miosotis Familia

Rest in Peace?

Miosotis Familia

Miosotis Familia, veteran NYPD officer, was killed last week by a deranged, psychotic man as she sat in a mobile command unit in the Bronx.

Her murder was not unlike the 2014 killings of NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Rafeal Ramos, shot as they sat in their marked cruiser.

Ramos and Liu

Or Dallas police officers Lorne Ahrens, Micheal Krol, Micheal Smith, Brent Thompson, and Patricio Zararripa who were ambushed and murdered in 2016.

Patricio Zararripa

Or Brad Garafola, Matthew Gerald, and Montrell Jackson, the Baton Rouge officers also murdered in 2016.

Montrell Jackson

And the list goes on.

All of the officers were armed, a crucial fact, but died because their murderers chose the time and place of execution.

Having a weapon, in fact being an expert in its use, is of no help at all when the killer acts with impulse or stealth.

The horrific deaths of Familia, Liu, Ramos and other officers proves that the idea that more guns make us safer is absolute bullshit.

(Right about this time the “gun in every pot” crowd cries foul saying we should pray and mourn and that it’s no time to “politicize the issue.”)

Bullshit, again.

It’s time to be outraged at spineless, gutless and usually ball-less politicians who claim they are for making officers safer yet aid and abet the flood of guns on the street by sabotaging the FBI, ATF and other law enforcement agencies trying to stem the flow.

We should be so lucky as to have Officer Familia visiting these cowards in the dark of night to inspire terror in their hearts for the murders they cause.

If you want to keep our men and women in blue safe, you need to be for getting guns out of the hands of people who should not have them.

That means better screening and checks.

It also means holding people accountable.

Any other position is absurd, proven so by the murders of armed police officers across our country.

The idea that more guns will keep police officers safer is underpinned by a confluence of fear, ignorance and recklessness.

If that’s your idea, you have the blood of police officers on your hands.


  • John Lee says:

    Amen Eric. Well put.

  • Carmit says:

    So true.

  • Gary says:

    Spoken like the draft dodging, ignorant liberal that you are. The only statement that has any validity is holding criminals accountable. Even if you could eliminate firearms from the world (and you can’t and never will) criminals will still commit crime. But you liberals in many cases depend on criminals who vote to support your idiotic progressive agenda. It is our right as free men to own firearms to protect ourselves from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And domestic enemies are you idiot liberals.

    • Eric Lamar says:

      Since you have neither logic, facts nor reasoning you are (pathetically) reduced to (falsely) attacking me.

      What’s up with the “draft dodging” bullshit?

      Best part though?

      You are too cowardly to say who you are, hiding behind a fake name.

      Another tough guy, but not tough enough to come out from your hiding place.


  • Bob Gray says:

    Right on, Eric!

  • RHackett says:

    Gary, are you one of those Russian trolls that everyone is discussing.

    Sure seems that way.

    No one could be that stupid on purpose.

  • Joe blow says:

    You are quick to connect political violence with some of Trumps harsh rhetoric. But you make no connection between these assassinations, which are relatively new phenomenon, with the extreme anti-police rhetoric going on from the left.

  • Eugene G. Diaz says:

    Mr. Lamar:
    These murders are not about guns. They were promoted by the liberal false narrative created against our police nationwide! Like many, I have a good friend who’s a police officer. We all wonder every day when he goes to work if someone will sneak up and put a gun to his head, stab him, hit him with a hammer or run him down with a vehicle. This is part of the new left culture of disdain for the police! We are seeing this new hatred spewed by homegrown terror groups with their liberal media supporters re-playing televised chants of these hate mongers chanting “ what do we want … dead cops .” The guns aren’t chanting this. It’s the liberals that hate America with no regard for the lives of police officers. Plain and simple. Obama, Hillary and the rest of the cowardly left endorsing these groups and giving them a platform only promotes the desire to assassinate the fine men and women in blue by the hateful. We’ll never clean up the guns. Background checks? Really. You think that will stop someone filled with hatred for the police incited by the liberal media! Anyone can get a gun. But it’s been that way for the last 200 years! Cop assassinations have been on the rise the last 2 years, oh no it’s the guns that have been around for centuries that are responsible. Obama’s lack of leadership pushed race relations back to the 1960’s. He blew it!
    Here’s the bigger problem Mr. Lamar. Anytime a white police officer makes an error or perceived error (bad shooting) it’s played over and over and over again by the liberal media claiming “another lynching of an unarmed black man” by police. This entices hatred. More whites are shot and killed than blacks by the police nationally. Libs don’t care about this fact. But no mention of this. Out of millions of interactions between cops and African Americans daily, the media focuses on the few that go bad to boost ratings. All the acts of kindness and good deeds done by the police never get recognized by the left. Why? Because it doesn’t boost ratings and inflame hatred!
    MSNBC didn’t even cover this last assignation, CNN spent 90 seconds. But they had a heyday with Ferguson. Ball-less cowards claiming it’s the guns. If it’s not guns used by these haters, then it would be vehicles, knives, shotguns, hammers. Go ahead and just pick one. I guess we’d hear a cry by the left to ban knives, hammers and box trucks! The difference today is the acceptance of police hatred and killing brought about by a false narrative regarding police shootings promoted by people like you! Did we ever hear the truth about Ferguson? That hands up don’t shoot “bull shit” was an outright lie. But the lie still gets repeated by the left. The media promotes and instigates race riots, cop shootings, and anything else to pit White America against Black America. For one thing … ratings, politics and a hatred for the president. Guns have nothing to do with this!
    How about this. Try getting rid of guns and then try getting rid of the repeated televised false narrative that cops are “lynching” people. See which one works. Bet it’s the latter. Lies vs guns. Truth will prevail.
    Hmmm. I remember my good ole high school days when Bubba parked his ford F100 in the school parking lot with rifles on a rack in the rear window. Never a problem! Wonder what the difference is today?
    And Mr. De Blasio runs to Germany to protest. More concerned about promoting hatred for the elected president than mourning with his city for an assassinated cop! You think he cares? Go ask any New York City Police Officer what they think of Warren Wilhelm Jr. Step back when they spit! That’s your liberal leadership! Talk about Ball-less politicians!

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