Shady Schait and Ducky Don

Jeff Sessions Feels the Love


Donald Trump all but fired his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, in an interview with the New York Times yesterday.

He said, “Sessions should have never recused himself, and if he was going to recuse himself, he should have told me before he took the job and I would have picked somebody else.”

Trump was referring to Sessions’ decision to take himself out of the growing Russia investigation because he failed to report his contacts with Russian officials.


(By the way, Trump constantly says the New York Times is “fake news.” Is it fake if he says it directly to Times reporters or only when he does not like the reporting?)


What makes this all especially interesting is that Sessions was one of Trump’s first and fiercest supporters, even standing by his man during the “pussy grabbing” episode when everyone, including Reince Priebus wanted Trump to drop out.

Sessions was the very definition of loyalty.

But Trump’s operative definition of loyalty is of the one-way type.

He expects complete and unwavering loyalty but extends none in return.

More than one person has commented on the uncanny (and unfortunate) semblance between Trump and Harold Schaitberger, especially where the treatment of people is concerned.


Schaitberger also demands complete loyalty, from his staff, the executive board and others while offering little, if any, in return.

In fact, should you fail to show complete and blind obedience, to fall in step with his every move, your days could be numbered.

Just ask former IAFF executive board members Paul Harvey, Louie Wright, Joe Conway and Ricky Walsh about that.


They dared to show a hint of independence and were summarily banished.

In the Louie Wright case Schaitberger used Darren Bates to dump Wright and then f**ked Bates over royally the moment it suited him.

It’s a testimony to the weak-willed and cowardly nature of the board that they blindly follow someone who would walk them off the plank and not give it a second thought.

Schaitberger and Kelly are at it again in the current 7th district race, searching for a candidate who will show blind loyalty rather than actual leadership and courage.

On the eve of our 100th anniversary as a union there can be no doubt that Schaitberger has ruined the IAFF through his one-way, ego-driven “leadership” in just the same way that Trump is destroying unions and working families.

Together they make quite a pair.

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  • RHackett says:

    Trump’s is the epitome of the deposed dictator (Shah or Iran, Somoza, Marcos).

    Those who demand it the most give it the least.

    And when the you know what hits the fan they take the first plane out leaving their loyalists to the wolves.

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