Copenhagen, Friendly for a Price

Don’t Even Look

A Church?

The exchange rate is about 6.4 Danish Krone to the dollar but unfortunately, nothing can be purchased for a dollar, or two or three, etc., etc.

I have given to not looking at prices.

A danish and a coffee is 60 Krone, a 10-minute cab ride is 100 Krone and it’s upwards from there.

(I only took the cab, a Mercedes at least, because I was drenched from the rain.  I wonder what the guy thought of the puddle I left behind on the leather seat?)

The people are very friendly and more to the point, helpful.

I was in the market trying to buy some yogurt but mystified by just what bindbaer and raharber were.

I asked a fellow shopper and though he didn’t know the words in English, he took me to a picture of the fruit (red raspberries) elsewhere in the store.

I found a hotel with a pool two stops from the city center by train but it turns out that you can walk to and from there right along the inner harbor in 25 minutes, a spectacular little trek.

This is a sailor’s paradise with boats everywhere, tied off bow first to the pier with the stern moored on a buoy in the marina, a space saver for sure but a little tricky to get the hang of.

I went to the Danish National Museum yesterday which covers everything from their Viking heritage to the present day and somehow I wound up in the toy section, a commentary on my attention span, no doubt.

Ye Olde Tiller Truck

Having adjusted well to the time change, that’s all for naught as tomorrow we board a 4.5 hour westbound flight to Greenland to begin that adventure.

I drop a line from there.





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