Shady Schait: Desperate in the 7th

Walsh Comes Within a Whisker of 50%

The results of the snap election to fill Kelly Fox’s board seat in the IAFF’s 7th district are in.

Ricky Walsh garnered over 5,100, Ryan Mudie around 4,200 and Greg Womack about 900.

Walsh needed only 57 votes for an outright 50% majority but a run-off election between Walsh and Mudie is now in order.

Shady Schait can hardly be happy but can he really be surprised?

Shady Schait

Word out this morning is that the campaign team of Schaitberger and Edzo are waist deep in the race, whispering about some report they have to share but those very much in the know are unaware of any report of any type.

Their tactics are a clear indication of their degree of desperation to stop Walsh from winning.

Schaitberger wants someone he can intimidate, buy-off or easily control and Walsh fails that bill completely.

Seventh district leaders getting a call from Edzo or Shady Schait should remember that Schaitberger has a long history of self-dealing and conflicts of interest and will do anything to prop up his teetering empire.

IAFF members can be totally certain that any report that Edzo is shopping around is not worth the paper it is printed on in terms of accuracy, honesty or intent.

Remember: ┬áthis is the same crowd that ginned up a bullshit “ethics report” to cover Schaitberger’s cozy and conflicted house purchase.

Same team that also voted to spend $300,000 dollars of our dues money to hire private dicks to spy on us.

Dick Tracy

Harold Schaitberger is our version of the weaselly Putin, out to meddle in elections he should stay out of.

Still, desperate men do desperate things and nothing should surprise us.

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