IAFF Releases “Confidential” Report, Sort Of

Must Come to Headquarters to View It


IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger and GST the “Edzo” Kelly are releasing the hitherto super secret “Final Report to the General President of the International Association of Fire Fighters Regarding Safeguards over Proprietary Documents.”

That’s a long and fancy name for the $300,000+ term paper prepared by Shady-Schait’s private dicks as they spied on IAFF members.

Dick Tracy

This “report” was so secret that when the executive board was allowed to see it, they were given numbered copies and when the meeting was over, the copies were collected and destroyed.

The report was triggered by the alleged breaking of confidentiality as for example, when word leaked out about Schaitberger’s $1,000,000 cozy real estate deal with IAFF contractor Jim Franzoni.

Schaitberger was later found at fault by the Department of Labor for failing to disclose that transaction.

Or when information regarding Schaitberger’s inappropriate taking of per diems and other questionable expenses were published for the members to see.

IAFF officers did not care about the shady operations, they just wanted to know how we found out about them.

Now, all of a sudden, after being locked away in a vault, it’s open for every Tom, Dick and Harry to see, with a few caveats which will be covered.

And ironically, they are breaking the very confidentiality they made such a huge deal about.

The reason?

Shady-Schait and the “Edzo” are so desperate to win in the 7th district special election that they are doing anything they can think of to try and smear Rick Walsh.

Rick Walsh

Anyone reading this report would do well to keep in mind that it represents what they want it to.

Someone very much in the know mentioned recently that there is no reason to believe that what people will read is either a) the truth or b) the original report.

It’s Schaitberger inspired propaganda that is incorrect.

As I said just the other day, Rick Walsh was NOT a source.

Even more, he never spoke out in his role as DVP about the unsavory ethics of the IAFF, certainly not to me.

The conveniently timed release of the report means Walsh is being played as a scapegoat by Schaitberger and Kelly and Walsh is not even a goat.

Schaitberger knows it, too, but he has never been one to let the truth get in the way.

(We know he knows the report is bullshit because of the actions he took after the board read it.  That truth will eventually come out.)

If reading a report that is both false and misleading is your gig, here is how to do it:

  1. The request to review the report must be made in writing, on affiliate letterhead, by a principle officer of the affiliate;
  2. The review must take place at IAFF Headquarters in Washington, DC;
  3. Travel and related costs are to be the responsibility of the affiliate making the request;
  4. The review will be supervised by a senior IAFF staff member appointed by the General Secretary-Treasurer;
  5. The reviewing affiliate officer will not be provided with a copy of the report, nor will the officer be permitted to take notes.  In furtherance of this, the reviewing affiliate officer will not be allowed to  bring paper, writing implements, cell phone, camera, or any recording or other electronic device in to the room where the review is to take place.

“The men who go first are rarely popular with those who wait for the wind to blow.”

R. V. Jones

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  • Joe blow says:

    Maybe someone will go in wearing one of those old Google glasses! This way they can copy everything and post it somewhere.

    Uh-oh, anyone wearing specs now is going to get the once-over from a board member. This sounds like the protocol followed at the National Security Agency. What the hell are you running up there, the secret police?

    Is this what they call open Union governance? Is this transparency? Of course, anyone who actually exercises his so-called right to see this document, will become immediately suspect himself.

    Shouldn’t nearly all Union business be posted online for all to see? Expenses, dues, etc? I would think only Personnel matters would be held confidential.

    The more I learn about the iaff management, the more it sounds like the regime in North Korea. Come to think of it, Kim Jong Un shares Harolds fondness for the Finer Things in life: good whiskey, good food, an attractive woman or two. And they both could stand to lose a few pounds. Hmmm… wonder how Harold would look with one of those funky hairdos?

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