IAFF: Mr. Joe Blow on the Not-So Secret Report

Mr. Joe Blow, Trump Lover and occasional contributor, gives his view on the Shady-Schait / “Edzo” decision to suddenly open up their “confidential” report for all to see, but no note taking or photos, please.

“Maybe someone will go in wearing one of those old Google glasses! This way they can copy everything and post it somewhere.

Uh-oh, anyone wearing specs now is going to get the once-over from a board member. This sounds like the protocol followed at the National Security Agency. What the hell are you running up there, the secret police?

Is this what they call open Union governance? Is this transparency? Of course, anyone who actually exercises his so-called right to see this document, will become immediately suspect himself.


Shouldn’t nearly all Union business be posted online for all to see? Expenses, dues, etc? I would think only Personnel matters would be held confidential.

The Other ODL

The more I learn about the IAFF management, the more it sounds like the regime in North Korea.

Come to think of it, Kim Jong Un shares Harold’s fondness for the Finer Things in life: good whiskey, good food…

And they both could stand to lose a few pounds.

Hmmm… wonder how Harold would look with one of those funky hairdos?


  • David Anders says:

    Eric, When Adolf Hitler was consolidating his power, Hazis Specifically came after union members because they feared the inclusiveness and collective strength of a united labor movement. You are obviously trying to divide IAFF members. Everyone understands what your game is.

  • Joe blow says:

    Haha! I’m FAMOUS! ( for another 15 minutes!) Looking forward to some juicy tidbits.

    Wasn’t Pete Gorman FIRED for leaking DIRT?

    300k. Any PROOF of that?

    Sounds like he was fired for nothing ! Hope he sues da bastid!

  • Joe blow says:

    BTW Eric, I do hope MDA survives the death of Jerry Lewis . I would HATE to see Harold deprived of the $$$ he extorted from them.

    Wouldn’t every IAFF member HATE to see Harold and company at Wendy’s ordering from the Dollar menu!
    Oh the horror!

    But Harold, if this happens, their shakes are EXCELLENT!!!

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