IAFF: When the Secret Report Fizzles

So Much For That Idea

Dick Tracy

In a move increasingly seen as bizarre, Shady Schait and EDZO decided to release a heretofore super secret report purportedly showing leaks at the IAFF.

The confidential report, prepared by private detectives under the control of Schaitberger, cost members $350,000.

The reason for the release was to try and influence the outcome of the special election for vice-president in the 7th district.

The big release fizzled, as it ought to.


Locals have said they aren’t interested in seeing it, and why should they be–it is Shady-Schait created propaganda.

The report may be garbage but it is proof of Schaitberger’s brazen spying on union members to prop up his corrupt empire.

Whatever the IAFF board may think or say, the report isn’t secret anymore, or at least I doubt a judge will think so.

Even at the IAFF of Shady-Schait and EDZO you can’t say a report is ultra secret one moment and open to view the next.

What tactic is left in their bag of dirty tricks?

Shady-Schait and EDZO are so desperate that they will likely try to recruit some sad soul to press charges against Walsh over the garbage in the report.


In their minds that is the only way to stop Walsh though it is completely idiotic.

They kept the report secret for twenty months and now they suddenly want charges?

By the way, only at the IAFF do you attack members who are practicing nothing more than union ethics and transparency, but that is another story.

Shady Schait’s biggest mistake with his report has been how he has used it, very selectively, to accomplish his personal goal to destroy anyone who questions him.

That supreme failure in judgment is just now coming around to bite him in the ass.

As the contents of the report leaks out, members are talking about it and the details tell a much different story than either Shady-Schait or EDZO have ‘fessed up to.

The bottom line is that weak and phony intel is employed to very selectively crucify honest IAFF members and in releasing the report they are outing themselves.

Stupid move.

Using the report to rig the election or alter the outcome will quickly be seen by a judge as the obvious and unethical ploy that it is.

If it is true that the Department of Labor does not oversee special elections like this one, than anyone contesting it has free rein to file in federal court as there is no administrative burden to be met.

It is an act of divine justice that Shady-Schait’s trumped-up secret report has become a millstone around his neck.

And, best of all, he put it there.

“The men who go first are rarely popular with those who wait for the wind to blow.”

R. V. Jones

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