7th Says NO to Shady Schait and EDZO

Walsh Wins by 20 Points

Rick Walsh

In a closely watched race to replace retiring IAFF vice-president Kelly Fox, Ricky Walsh, former DVP, defeated Ryan Mudie in a run-off election where IAFF principal officers Harold Schaitberger and Ed “EDZO” Kelly pulled out all the stops in their drive to defeat Walsh.


They made calls, held meetings and even released their super secret special spy report, all to no avail.

In a now infamous video, EDZO ranted in front of a crowd, calling Walsh a “rat”, a move which not only backfired but sealed his reputation as a loudmouth union thug.


Another move that backfired was having other vice presidents accompany EDZO while he browbeat 7th district leaders, suggesting they could not work with Walsh were he elected.

It was all a big, fat flop.

Mudie Loses Votes in Final Round

Ryan Mudie

In a sure barometer of how 7th district members felt about IAFF headquarters mucking about in their business, especially EDZO’s thuggery, Mudie actually lost several hundred votes in the run-off.

Walsh spoke after his victory emphasizing unity and the greater cause of the labor movement while twice referring to 7th district values.

Mudie may have seriously damaged himself by allowing EDZO to bully and swagger his way into the campaign only to be decisively shutdown.

Can Walsh Be Effective?

Some have said that Walsh sometimes uses a sledgehammer when a simple tap would do.

That said, good luck finding anyone in the IAFF who is better at providing nuts and bolts service and leadership.

Walsh builds for the future.

The campaign charge that DVPs could not “work with” Walsh is both laughable and absurd as the IAFF executive board is one giant, and very expensive, rubber stamp.

They don’t make decisions, set policy or provide oversight–they do what they are told to do.

Nevertheless, Walsh will be coming back to the board having shown that whatever Shady Schait and EDZO have to say, he has the support of those who know him best.

“The men who go first are rarely popular with those who wait for the wind to blow.”

R. V. Jones

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