Our Man, Joe Blow, and the Race in the 7th

Joe Blow writes in so often (we like that even though we have no idea who he really is) that he needs an image so I googled Joe Blow and here is what I got.

Joe Blow

Joe loves Trump but appears not to be a fan of Shady Schait which could put me in a moral quandary but it doesn’t.

I just ignore the Trump stuff.

Anyway, Joe wrote in yesterday about the results in the 7th and Walsh’s future.

“OMG, its gonna be interesting! This man should watch every move he makes. If he swipes a paper clip by mistake, there going to try to nail him. I am sure Schait’s spies are already on the case.

Its a shame, he deserves to work in a friendly cooperative atmosphere, instead he is in the most hostile of environments. He needs our support!”

By the way, before I forget, the final vote tally was Walsh- 6116 and Mudie- 4066.

Back to Joe.

To put Joe’s comment into firehouse-ese, are Schait Schait and EDZO stupid enough to f**k with Walsh?

Rick Walsh


Shady Schait hates to lose and despises it when the loss is hung around his neck as this one surely is.


The foolish act of a foolish man would be to use the $350,000 selective, special, super secret, spy report as the basis to have some gullible fool press charges against Walsh.

A judge would say, “Let me get this right.  You spied on your own members and then kept the “results” under strict seal for twenty months and then only made them available for limited release when you thought you could influence an election?”

No can do.

Shady Schait has a spotty record when it comes to listening to his lawyers (when they rarely work up the courage to speak out) but I have to think he is smarter than to use the report to trash Walsh.

The recent special election is not under the purview of the Department of Labor which means that Walsh could take Shady Schait’s meddling right into federal court.

Shady Schait and EDZO run the IAFF so that they make all of the strategic, political and operational decisions which are routinely rubber-stamped by the ultra-complacent vice presidents.


In turn, the vice-presidents receive a hefty salary, pension and healthcare, as well as funding for district operations.

Shady Schait can’t mess with the salary and benefits and funding for district operations has to be in the budget and is subject to some review.

Shady Schait could turn down special requests for service or travel but every one of those small-minded acts would be documented.

His best bet is to wrangle down his narcissistic personality and admit his back-stage maneuvering backfired and that his partner-in-crime, EDZO, is a loose cannon on a heaving and rolling deck.

“The men who go first are rarely popular with those who wait for the wind to blow.”

R. V. Jones

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