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Brunacini: Jesus on a Firetruck

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He Came From The Desert The man called “Bruno” died Sunday, age 80, apparently with, as they say, “his boots on.” As chief of the Phoenix fire department and afterwards, he was a constant professional presence, lecturing to the four corners of the world. He spoke the gospel according to Alan and he amassed legions […]

Stephen Paddock: Why?

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“Lone Wolf, Anti-Social, God Complex” Paddock, who killed 58 and wounded nearly 500 in Vegas last weekend, apparently left no clear indication of the reason for his rampage. The FBI and others are investigating every aspect of his life and so far no motive has emerged. Perhaps one never will. According to the Bureau of […]

Vegas: Our American War

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War needs neither cohesion, organization nor centralized purpose to levy a terrible price. Our American war is fought one-sidedly with high-capacity magazine weaponry made possible because of the “sacred” principle of unfettered gun ownership so, oddly, we fight simply for the right to maim and kill at will. Even more bizarre, in a nation which […]