Vegas: Our American War

Jasper Johns

War needs neither cohesion, organization nor centralized purpose to levy a terrible price.

Our American war is fought one-sidedly with high-capacity magazine weaponry made possible because of the “sacred” principle of unfettered gun ownership so, oddly, we fight simply for the right to maim and kill at will.

Even more bizarre, in a nation which calls itself a democracy under the rule of law, we have again and again weakened the ability for law enforcement to reduce or prevent wanton murder.

And as we do so we put those same officers at greater and greater risk under the absurd guise of constitutional freedom and liberty.

We even condone the killing of young children and then taunt their parents suggesting it was all just a hoax.

Each mass shooting is but another battle fought on hundreds of fronts where the enemy chooses the time and place to attack with weapons that are both legal, ubiquitous and slaughtering in nature.

It is perverse but true that Congress is either on the side of the enemy or they have fled the battlefield in cowardly terror for they have the power to curb the mayhem yet refuse to do so.

Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Pulse and now Las Vegas are conclusive proof, at least where weapons of mass destruction are concerned, that democracy American style fails to protect its citizens.

And make no mistake, this is no special moment; if congress sat on their hands after 20 children were shot to death at Sandy Hook, Vegas is a political walk in the park.

The right mindset then, is to realize that once again we awake in a “Kabul” of our own making, unable or unwilling to stop the terror.

Get used to it as we are a nation at war.

It’s just another day in America.





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