JFK Files: October Surprise?

Kennedy Dies

President John Kennedy was riding in an open limousine through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963, when he suffered a fatal gunshot wound.

Kennedy was shot twice, the first round struck him in the upper back and exited near the adam’s apple while the second was a devastating head wound near his cowlick. 

Both shots came from behind.

He died instantly though doctors at Parkland hospital worked on him briefly.

Lee Harvey Oswald, a former Marine sharpshooter, fired on Kennedy from the 6th floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository using a Carcano rifle he had purchased using an assumed name via mail order.


Oswald fired three times, put the weapon down and began to leave the building, briefly encountering police as they made their way in.

He went home, retrieved a pistol and soon after shot and killed Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippett before being arrested while trying to hide in a nearby movie theater.

Oswald was in the custody of the Dallas Police when he was murdered two days later by Jack Ruby in the basement of the Dallas Jail as he was being moved to another facility.

Jack Ruby was a Dallas nightclub owner, possibly with mob connections, whose stated motives were revenge and to spare Mrs. Kennedy from enduring an Oswald trial.



This past week the National Archives released some 3,000 additional files related to the investigation of the Kennedy assassination that have previously been withheld from public view.

The killings of Kennedy and Oswald as well as the withholding of documents, have been fodder for countless conspiracy theories implicating the CIA, mafia, Fidel Castro, the Soviet Union and LBJ, among others.


One valid conspiracy is the one by the FBI and the CIA to withhold or destroy evidence proving their bumbling ineptitude or involvement in attempts to assassinate Castro or otherwise undermine his government.

The FBI was in touch with Oswald shortly before the assassination and destroyed evidence proving it while the CIA is famously known for their plans to poison or blowup Castro.

The CIA used the mafia in a plot to kill Castro, an idea that even drew a rebuke from Robert Kennedy who wanted Castro gone at any price.

As to a conspiracy involving Oswald and Ruby, either together or separately, there is agreement that they were incapable of trust since they were variously erratic and unable to remain silent.

Oswald couldn’t stay in school, the Marine Corps, the Soviet Union, or hold a steady job.  He was a pinball careening from one place and one cause to another.

Ruby was a loose-lipped gadfly who was connected to gambling and prostitution activities in the Dallas club scene.

Oswald was obsessed with Marxist theory and was an aggressive supporter of Castro and Cuba.

In the end, the only conspiracy with actual proof is the one involving the CIA’s desire to kill Castro.

Did the Kennedy administration’s obsession with Castro’s demise, a conspiracy in every sense, provide the impetus for Oswald’s act of infamy?

Congress has stated that at the very instant that Oswald was pulling the trigger in Dallas, CIA assets were meeting with anti-Castro forces to arrange another assassination attempt.

Now, that’s some irony for you.














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