IAFF: Bobby Shelton Weighs In

He is an IAFF Instructor

“Many years ago the GP got up in front of a number of instructors and stated plainly that the diversity of the IAFF instructor pool lacked diversity and did not reflect our membership. At the time there were 4 [African-American] IAFF instructors and no women. In mid 2000 3 women instructors were hired and one African-American male. So there were 5 African-Americans and 3 women instructors. It stayed at this level for many years still not reflecting the “face” of the IAFF. Some female and African-American instructors were let go without cause and some staff left training to go other places within the IAFF. But it is still the same old club reflected by leadership much like the U.S Congress. It is what it is and nothing is going to change. Talk is cheap and it is up to us to stand up to discrimination regardless of what fashion it takes. We also must accept that taking personal responsibility is unheard of in today’s society and is the new normal. For years I have been disappointed in what I have seen or in this case not seen from the IAFF. I accept it, do what I can do, and move on.”

Bobby Shelton

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