As Bad As Trump

The Franken-Photo should be the iconic image used to explain how men in power think and feel about women.

And, it’s much worse than it seems.

Franken felt so empowered that he wanted a “pic” of the moment for posterity.

He wanted to preen as he documented his authority.

Not only that, he wanted to be looking straight on at the camera.

You know what that says?

I’m proud that I can ape taking advantage of women when they are asleep and especially vulnerable.

He’s an instant entrant into the maggot hall of fame.

There he joins Trump after his “grab’em by the pussy” soliloquy.

Only Trump would have the narcissistic fake gravitas to tweet about Franken’s conduct given his own debased behavior where women are concerned.

Parenthetically, Franken-Photo proves the stunning power of imagery especially over audio.

You can’t “trump” it.

They are scumbags and we would be better off to be rid of them both.

Jasper Johns





  • Joe blow says:

    USO tours have always been ‘randy’ . Even the Bob Hope tours were ‘risque’ for its time. They are there to entertain sex starved troops in war zones. This photo was taken for a documentary that was made to entertain troops that can’t see the live show.

    Franken, despite his opposition to the war, volunteered his time to go to Iraq and Afghanistan many times. Does any of the above make what he did OK? No, but it should be viewed in that context. A professional clown going for a cheap laugh, not a man taking advantage of a sleeping woman.

    The unwanted kiss to me is more egregious. He deserved a slap in the face but certainly not expulsion from the Senate.

    • Eric Lamar says:

      Trump’s appalling behavior has so distorted and destroyed Republicans that they are forced to defend the likes of Franken-scum in order to maintain the semblance of civility. Sad!

  • Joe blow says:

    I didn’t mention Moore or Trump. In fact, if it wasn’t for Moore, the Franken incident would have ever come to light.

    Lets face it, the banter around the kitchen table in the firehouse would be considered outrageous in many more polite settings. Shall we judge firefighters by the same standards that they have in a corporate boardroom?

    The voters in Minnesota knew full well that Al Franken engaged in what would be considered offensive Behavior while a comedy writer and Entertainer. The same state decided to vote Jesse Ventura in as governor, for whatever reason. Go figure.

    If Franken was not not a US senator, would his behavior even be mentioned even in a post Weinstien era? I doubt it.

    In case you are wondering, Moore’s behavior was considered weird, even in the Deep South 40 years ago. He should drop out.

    And Trump was a damn fool to say what he did while wired for sound. But have I heard worse? Yup. When Speaker Ryan said he was sickened by it, I wondered what world he lived in.

    Franken has transitioned well into an effective US Senator. He is an effective champion for causes I disagree with. His antics in his past profession should not be used to destroy him.

    • Eric Lamar says:

      You constantly make statements which are completely unsupportable, so many that a full refutation becomes an exercise in futility.

      Today you led with one.

      You said, “…in fact, if it wasn’t for Moore, the Franken incident would have [sic] ever come to light.”

      That’s ridiculous.

      Donald Trump, Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey caused the dam to burst.

      There can be little question that Trump’s election and his horrible conduct ever since have empowered women and materially weakened that dam.

      The day after his inauguration there was this thing called the Women’s March.

      I was there and the message was clear, times have changed.

      The mashup of Trump, Franken and Moore is giving some people a fit as they try to figure out how to cover for their homeboy while cutting the other guy(s) loose.

      It cannot be done. Some conduct is inexcusable if you wish to be a decision-maker with some degree of moral authority in a democratic society.

  • Joe blow says:

    Perhaps it is YOU that is throwing Franken under the bus to justify attacking Trump.

    The floodgates for these gates did not open after the election of Trump, can you name any major revelation between last November and the Weinstein story? I can’t.

    And I find it hard to believe that the Washington Post was not holding the Moore story until he won the primary. And if you don’t think the Franken story is tit
    for tat for Moore, I have a bridge I want to sell you.

    BTW, did you find the Vagina hats at the Women’s march offensive? Would you find men wearing penis hats offensive? For me, both would be offensive.

  • Joe blow says:

    And here is a factoid to ponder: Hillary got a smaller % of women voters than Obama. And Obama ran against Romney, not that rude and crude president we have now.

    As you said things have changed. So we are going to expel a sitting Senator for decade old behavior that does not conform to the new rules?

    Applying ex post facto rules has led to George Washington’s name being taken off buildings. If fully applied to the US Senate, there will be many vacancies.

  • Joe blow says:

    Well, a pattern has emerged. He IS a serial groper. And a creep. Not enough to boot him I believe.

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