McConnell Madness

Politico had this to say over the weekend about how Trump’s GOP is treating US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:
“Corey Stewart, the Trump-aligned local elected official in Virginia who … is now challenging Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine, said of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, … “The guy’s toxic, there’s no support for him, even among the establishment. He hasn’t been able to pass the president’s agenda.” 
Trump’s GOP is going to war with McConnell and his team because they are not conservative enough.
Yet Mitch McConnell is no friend of working families in any sense and by any measure.
And, he hates unions.
Consider this: Mitch McConnell has an AFL-CIO lifetime rating of 12%.
He hates the idea of workers who believe they have a right to speak up regarding pay, benefits and working conditions.
You can bash unions all you want but there is no denying they fought for the economic benefits which created the middle class: 8-hour day, five-day week, sick leave, vacation pay, overtime pay, safe working conditions, pensions, etc.
CNN reports, “The typical union worker made $970 a week in 2014, compared to $763 for non-union workers, according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data. That 27% spread has remained relatively constant at least since 2000, when the agency started tracking the data.”
And, when union participation falls, the wages of non-union workers does too.
Now, Republicans are saying that their leader, who hates unions, isn’t strong enough for them.
Voting for the Trump GOP with his billionaire cabinet is a sure fire way to cripple the middle class and working families because they despise the idea that workers have a right to fair pay and decent working conditions.


  • RHackett says:

    I could never understand why so many firefighters would support anti-labor candidates.

    It is still one my great curiosities.

  • Joe blow says:

    Yeah labor guys should be voting for free trade, Nafta supporting candudates. This Trump guy? Low unemployment, economy improving; what a disaster for us working guys.

  • IslaFire says:

    Hey Joe Blow, you do realize that NAFTA brought jobs to the US, union jobs.

    If one looks at the data, one would see that in states that allow collective bargaining for firefighters, wages are higher.

    I’m all about helping all wage earners and fully support public and private collective bargaining. My FIRST choice though is to support firefighters. The UAW and the IBEW and all the other Internationals will figure it out. It’s a shame to see FFs one state over earning near poverty wages because they can’t bargain with their employer.

    Our IAFF had an opportunity to pass national collective bargaining but they failed.

  • RHackett says:

    Joe Blow,

    All that was happening before Trump took office. One of the few good things he has done is not mess up the Obama recovery

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