Thank Dr. Melius

Brunacini in a Lab Coat

The diesel extraction systems protecting you from particulates?

Thank Dr. Melius for that.

Better and more targeted medical exams for firefighters?

Thank him for that, too.

Workers compensation coverage for occupational cancers?


The Zadroga 9/11 Program?


And the list goes on and on.

Jim died on New Year’s Day of a heart attack, age 69.

He was a profound advocate and medical expert for worker safety and health.

It would be impossible to overstate his direct and positive effect on our well being.

Jim was learned, articulate, compassionate and a superb listener.

He was also absolutely down-to-earth, always accessible and ready to help.

What should not go unrecognized at this moment is his warm and close friendship with Alan Brunancini.

Together they formed a titanic force for good, each at the peak of their professions yet dedicated to working together for the good of others.

And that they surely did.

Jim believed in the inherent goodness and decency of working men and women and their right to on-the-job safety and health. 

For him, safety and health in the workplace was a human right.

In the past few months both Jim and Alan have gone on but it would be a mistake to assume they would allow us to grieve for long.

We can be sure they would want us to pick up the reins and pass them to a new generation of Jims and Alans to get on with the vital work they began and nutured.

Be sad for today but then get on with it–it’s what they would want.

We can be very sure of that.





  • Mike says:

    Thankful for their contribution to my profession

  • Jacob says:

    Thank you for your care and hard work sir. You have helped to save so many. We’ll take it from here.

  • John Murphy says:

    Looking through an ems dispatch site, I saw these small words. “Thank you Dr. Melius”. I don’t know why I was drawn to them. Now, reading about the contributions of these two people, I also say Thank You with all of my heart. Rest in peace knowing the world is a better place because of folks like you.

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