Leadership: Shitheads

Cotton, Perdue, etc.


Let’s start by recalling that Donald Trump has made a career out of saying outrageous things from “grab’em by the pussy” to saying he would date his own daughter because she’s hot.
So, Dick Durbin’s revelation that Trump referred to African countries as shitholes is hardly extraordinary or out of character.


Regarding the shithole comment, Lindsay Graham “had previously told a fellow South Carolina Republican, Senator Tim Scott, that reports in the news media of Mr. Trump’s language were “basically accurate” (NYT)


Jeff Flake also stated he heard what happened before it was even in the news: “I was in a meeting directly afterwards where those who had presented to the president our proposal spoke about the meeting,” he said on “This Week.” “I heard that account before the account even went public.” (NYT)


Graham and Flake are Republicans, by the way, and soon they will be labeled “traitors” because they spoke the truth in the same way that Jim Comey and Bob Mueller are apparently traitorous for doing the same.


Now comes Republican senators Tom Cotton and David Purdue who are backing the president up on his denial. But, they have changed their own stories in the past few days as their memories have apparently gotten better.


Why was their initial memory so poor and now so clear?
Are the minds of Durbin and Graham that much clearer?
Of course not, Cotton and Purdue are ball-less shitheads terrified to stand up to a president who demeans the American ideal and then blithely lies about it.


Republican Lindsay Graham gets the “balls award” for reputedly admonishing Trump during the meeting when he told him “America is an idea, not a race.”
Graham’s courage and candor takes this out of the purely partisan column and makes it more about people willing to stand up for what makes our country great versus those who cower at the feet of a racist.
We would all do well to ponder the implications posed by a situation where Trump actually does not recall or does not believe that he said what he said.
That would indicate a seriously diminished mental state, one that was markedly diminished to begin with.
The last U.S. president to govern in a fog was Ronald Reagan and it took a well-honed team of assistants and advisers, generally considered to be among the best ever, to keep him within the boundaries of the office.


Trump hasn’t a team of that caliber and suck-up senators are willing to lie on his behalf, no recipe for keeping the train of state on the rails.
Time to cross our fingers.


  • Steven P says:

    Stick to Fire and EMS. I don’t come to the site to hear your politics. I could care less what your opinions might be – no different than celebrities who think their opinion will influence mine. You have good content – don’t ruin it.

  • Joe blow says:

    This is not the first time a president has spoken frankly about issues facing the nation. Now it seems in Vogue to violate the trust of a conversation behind closed doors.

    Dick Durbin is a putz. Having been to a couple of the countries in question, I can attest to the fact that the description was accurate!

    Immigration advocates often point to our neighbors to the north for their immigration policies. It’s true, the doors are open, but to qualified immigrants. Not the grandmother of a gardener.

    We have uneducated unskilled workers here. We should not be importing more of them.

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