Schlossberg’s I and My

Ted Kaczynski is probably the only person in American who hasn’t seen a video of New Yorker Aaron Schlossberg engaging workers and customers in a diatribe about the speaking of English in the U.S.

He chose language as the reason to lay down his gauntlet but that’s just a pretext, a fatuous wedge issue.

Listen carefully as he repeatedly uses the “I” and “my” pronouns to assert his ownership and authority over our country.

He even says, to bolster his statements, “This is America.”

He’s pissed, he’s white and he now owns the place.

Indeed, this is Trump’s America.

Donald Trump has once again made it fashionable for (white) people to deploy their latent anxiety and anger at anyone and everything which they feel endangers their sense of superiority and entitlement.

These acts include public rantings like Schlossberg’s while others call the police when they feel a person-of-color is “out of place.”

The fact that this happened in mid-town Manhattan is further evidence of the relative strength of Trump’s license to destroy civil society.

Schlossberg and others like him make their racist stands in public places and then seem surprised when they are filmed and the evidence of their hate comes back to hit them like a booby-trapped boomerang.

Smartphones and social media are the civil rights marches of our era.

Schlossberg has been unmasked, revealed, exposed and now runs down the street away from reporters.

But Mr. Schlossberg, you spoke so assertively and with such conviction when you thought you were the mystery tough guy taking on illegal immigrants.

When did your toxic righteousness desert you?

Perhaps when you were called to account?

Another cockroach skittering into the shadows.

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  • Joe Blow says:

    This man has problems and has had these outbursts for number of years , long before the current occupant of the White House moved in.

    Sjould we be judged by this one lunatik?

    Or the many thousands who expressed outrage at this horrible Behavior!

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