Fairfax: The Avengers

Kathleen Stanley and Cheri Zosh

Right on the heels of the settlement in the Hernandez case, the American Civil Liberties Union has filed charges on behalf of Kathleen Stanley and Cheri Zosh, longtime FRD members, against both the Fairfax County, Virginia, Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) and International Association of Fire Fighters Local 2068, the Fairfax County Fire Fighters and Paramedics Association.

The venue is the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Washington, DC Field Office.

Kathleen Stanley

“The ACLU’s EEOC charges argue the FRD violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which prohibits sex discrimination in employment and retaliation against those who oppose such conduct.”

It’s not a pretty day when Local 2068, the entity tasked with protecting the rights of all its members, is named in a complaint alleging widespread and egregious harassment by the employer.

Dave Barlow, an elected leader of Local 2068 had this to say, “Kathleen Stanley authored and distributed misleading information designed to be destructive and inflammatory against the FRD and individual members of 2068…I think we as a membership we should have a zero tolerance for this type of rouge [rogue?] behavior and should pursue a vote to remove Kathleen Stanley from our membership.”

Dave Barlow was advocating terminating Stanley’s membership in the Local solely because she was standing up for her rights, the very thing he was tasked with doing for her in his position.

Dave Barlow inhabits his own warped labor universe.

I would like to be present in court when he explains just what he meant by misleading information designed to be destructive and inflammatory…”

He not only suggested she was being untruthful but also imputed nefarious motivation, a fool’s errand for sure, which could wind up being very costly.

Barlow was effectively acting in support of an FRD management team that has been outed as either a men’s club or the dumbest and crudest group ever assembled.

Not sure yet?

How about this gem:

“Battalion Chief Chris Tillis who in the presence of a Deputy Chief told a veteran female Captain, “When you’re wearing a shirt like that, my eyes are right here [gesturing around breasts], and I don’t hear a word you say,” and “That’s why you all get assaulted and raped,”or words to that effect…”

Stanley and Zosh seem to be the only FRD leaders with courage and principle, willing to do the right thing even as they jeopardize their careers.

Many manly men should take serious note as they have much to learn from such real leaders.




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