IAFF: You’ve Got Mail (Not)

Too Important to be Bothered


The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent Janus decision, a bit of a win for anti-union forces, is said to be another marker on the road to making unions irrelevant. 

That remains to be seen, but one sure way to weaken labor’s importance is to get to the point where leaders no longer feel the need to be accessible on other than their strict terms.

Anyone can easily email a U.S. senator or house member, reaching those who make the key decisions regarding our country.

Canadian brothers and sisters can even email their Prime Minister at : justin.trudeau@parl.gc.ca

You’ll have no such luck at the IAFF.

Neither Harold Schaitberger, General President, nor Ed Kelly, General Secretary-Treasurer, can be bothered to provide rank and file members with an email address.

But it gets better (or worse) depending on your point of you.

Schaitberger and Kelly also don’t want you bothering their top lieutenants, either.

Jim Lee, chief of staff and Mathew Golsteyn, chief of operations, also decline to provide an email address.

This is a sure sign, if ever you needed it, that senior IAFF elected leadership couldn’t care less what members really think.

Anyone in the know has always been aware that all Harold Schaitberger cares about is votes, and the more the better.

Big local unions always get his attention and the smaller the local the less likely you can have your voice heard.

The reason they don’t care is that they don’t have to.

They have a firm lock on the elective system and so the individual cares or concerns of IAFF members are of absolutely no concern to them.

People who whine and gnash their teeth over the Janus decision are completly missing the point.

The only people who can make us truly irrelevant is us.

We have done that by electing leaders who not only don’t know us, they can’t even be bothered enough to listen, unless it’s around a table at an expensive restaurant where you won’t be.







  • Mike Mohler says:


  • Charles Francis says:

    I believe the GP focuses more on the smaller Locals and rightfully so, as most of them don’t have the resources that the bigger Locals do.
    Eric if you need to get in touch with the bosses let me know brother I’ll email them for you. I’m gonna send the both of them emails right now, I’m gonna ask them both about their emails.

  • Stephen Foley says:

    Sad commentary on our profession

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