IAFF FirePac: Suckered, Again

So Much for Leading From the Front

A favorite piece of American history is the vision of 56-year-old, Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., hobbling Utah Beach with a cane as troops landed on D-Day.

Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.

He was the oldest man in the invasion and the only general to land by sea on that day.

Roosevelt was a calming presence and he was able to shift the battle plan to meet the facts on the ground.

He exemplified commitment, courage and sacrifice when it was needed most.

He also “walked the walk.”

We can wonder what he would think of Harold Schaitberger, General President of the International Association of Fire Fighters.

Schaitberger’s signature mantra has been political action and the supreme importance of contributing to FirePac, the IAFF’s fund for that purpose.

Since FirePac is his critical program and since he professes to be a leader for our time, we should rightly conclude that here, he leads from the front.

Don’t Get Your Hopes Up


Harold Schaitberger never spends a dime of his own money if it can be avoided.

It would take a hydraulic ram to open his wallet.

He once put a $12 dollar Scrabble game on his expense report; he uses IAFF cash to tip service workers when on the road.

FirePac fares no better.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports that for calendar year 2017, the latest year available, as many as 500 IAFF members contributed more to FirePac than Schaitberger, despite his $300,000+ salary and open-ended expense account.

He chipped in a paltry $541.84 while the rank and file often left him in the dust.

Surprised?  Don’t Be.

Anyone who would rip off sick and dying children (MDA) would hornswaggle his members faster than you can say “prime rib.”

A real leader would lead by example, being sure to clearly bear the burden where his signature effort is concerned.

Such an approach would never enter his mind.

In fact, his approach to FirePac is the perfect example of how he “leads”; he demands complete loyalty, a form of currency in itself, but sees no need to be loyal in return.

He expects you to pony up proportionately, but he takes a pass.

His Peers?

Yes, he’s a cheapskate where IAFF members are concerned, but what about his fellow labor leaders in the AFL?

Schaitberger 2017, $541.84

SEIU’s Mary K. Henry, $2,626

IAM’s Robert Martinez, $2,645

At least he’s consistently cheap.

IAFF’s professional employees, members of OPEIU, will be amused that their president, Richard Lanigan, far outpaced Schaitberger with $1250.

2018 – No Better

The FEC reports that Schaitberger has chipped in $531 so far this year.

He is being buried by IAFF members Robin R. Gainey of Jacksonville ($3,170), Cliff Alexander of Cal Fire ($2910), and Matt Brozovich of Salem ($1830.)

Even members of the IAFF executive board and senior staff have given more than Schaitberger.

In 2016, Schaitberger gave the usual $541.84, while a single IAFF member, John Teefy,  gave over ten times that amount, $5,624.

Schaitberger should pledge to match the highest contribution of any IAFF member.

Theodore Roosevelt exemplified the ideal that actions speak louder than words and where actions are concerned, Harold Schaitberger is the consummate phony.






  • Mike Mohler says:

    Since the beginning of FirePac I had contributed at the highest level. I believed it was the right thing to do and I was constantly promoting the program to IAFF members. After finding out what kind of person our dear leader is (odl) I ceased my personal contributions. I will not contribute or promote any financial program that is controlled by odl except to pay my dues. He’s a fraud and appears to share many of the same values as potus. I deeply regret ever contributing large sums of money to his political campaigns for General President and apologize to all IAFF members for nominating him. It has been an embarrassing and painful lesson for me but one that I know has made me wiser.

  • John Teefy says:

    I debated commenting on this page, it’s not gone great in the past. You named me and I received a few calls about my feelings so I wanted to clear things up.
    1. I am not upset that Eric named me and cited the amount of my contribution. I’m proud of what I donated and it’s public information.
    2. My whole career on Phoenix I was in FirePac. I was also a HMT instructor and I would usually contribute a day of pay for every class I taught. When I evaluated FEMA grants I gave the whole per firm . I would hope anyone that makes money from the IAFF’s political action, members, instructors, or staff, does the same. My pension, benefits and side job all came from the work of my local and the IAFF.
    3. In 2016 I gave more to defeat the most anti-union candidate in history, Donald Trump. While I was incredibly disappointed with our unions decision to abandon our pledge to “support those who support us” I still support the overall actions of FirePac.
    4. I urge every member to support not only the IAFF FirePac but their local and state PACs also.

  • John Teefy says:

    Per diem
    I should spell check more.

  • Jim says:

    A cheapskate spending someone else’s money? Sounds like the current POTUS. Ironically, he stole from kids also.

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