Country Music Killing, California Style

Credit: AP

Last night, at least 12 were killed, including a police officer, when a gunman opened fire at a California dance hall.

Focus on the effect.

As we (properly) obsess over the length of the war in Afghanistan, it is past time to admit that we are also in a low level simmering war right here in America.

The Afghan war has devolved largely into constant single-point attacks where suicidal killers target the innocent.

They act with impunity because of the inability of leaders to decide on a course of effective action.

And so we find ourselves.

The proliferation of high-capacity magazines turn even handguns into assault weapons so that killers have the advantage of pure firepower, stealth, mobility and speed.

As in Afghanistan, our national leaders are unable and unwilling to take elementary actions to stop the terror.

But, at least Afghan leaders attempt to interdict weaponry.

Here in America, we can’t be bothered.

When you or your loved ones enter an area fit for a killing ground, remain vigilant, prefer the periphery, know multiple points of exit and be prepared to move instantly, at the first sign of unease.

Those steps will afford you the maximum advantage if (when) terror-American-style strikes.

The ubiquity of rapid-fire/reload weaponry means that any person, obsessed by their demon of choice, can turn their hate into a machine of murder and mayhem.

As Congress won’t act to turn the tide, personal choices such as where you go and how you interact become paramount in the bid for safety.

Afghanistan and America: much more alike than we care to admit.


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